Homestays in San Diego

San Diego Homestays
  • Single room with half board
  • Learning continues outside the classroom
  • No more than 60 minutes away from the language school

Whether you are 15 or 50 years old, staying with an English-speaking homestay provides you with the opportunity to practice and improve your English during everyday life.

Single rooms with half board are offered in our carefully selected homestays. Our homestays live no more than 60 minutes during rush hour away from the language school. It is necessary to purchase a bus ticket. We are happy to consider your particular wishes when you make your booking.

Your satisfaction is particularly important to Sprachcaffe, and we therefore use the following criteria when selecting our homestays:

  • Standards and level of comfort should conform to standards typical of the country
  • Single rooms in private households, which are all located in suburban neighborhoods
  • Half board as well as single beds are included 

While staying with a homestay you could learn English vocabulary and phrases which are commonly used in everyday situations.  Furthermore, you could gain interesting insights into what it's really like to live in San Diego and the USA.