USA Visa Information

USA Visas
  • Different visa requirements depending on nationality
  • Up-to-date information provided by USA embassies and consulates

If you're planning on travelling to the USA, be aware that the US visa policy has changed radically in recent years. Keep in mind that you might need a visa and that the necessary steps to get a visa usually take some time. Always make sure that you plan ahead and allow enough time to get the required documents ready before you start your English course in the USA.

One factor which affects visa requirements is the nationality of the applicant. There are special agreements with many countries that allow citizens to enter the USA as a tourist withour a visa under the terms of the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). For detailed and up-to-date information on possible visa requirements, please contact the USA embassy or consulate in your country.

Further information

If you are looking for detailed information about requesting a visa, how to extend your stay in the USA, how to obtain a student visa or what to do if you lose your tourist card, please contact the USA embassy or consulate in your country or the official authorities in the USA:

Other necessary documentation

Make sure you have a valid passport to take with you. It is strongly recommended that your passport be valid for several months after your return date.

Other documents and forms of identification that might be required in certain situations include the following: your return ticket, proof of sufficient economic funds to finance your stay, driver's license, vaccination card, proof of health insurance and others. Furthermore, cards that identify you as a university student, retiree, handicapped person, etc. might entitle you to special discounts in many cultural institutions, public transport and so forth.

Please check that you have the correct travel documents with you. In order to be on the safe side, consider preparing a copy of all your travel documents. If you lose them you can be helped more quickly if you have copies with you.