Top Tips for Learning German

Tips for learners
The language acquisition process is a personal journey and investing time in learning a language can be a truly rewarding experience. Allow our top tips to help you make this experience fun, effective and enjoyable.  
  • Embrace the class time and be sure to ask questions when you are unsure.
  • Keep a dictionary with you at all times for easy reference. By checking up on words and phrases when you are not sure of something, you will be able to remember the phrases or words for future reference. Once you have reached an intermediate level, a German-German dictionary for German language learners can be very helpful in the acquisition process, ensuring you think in German.
  • Schedule your study time, making sure you include ample opportunities for breaks and excursions
  • Make use of flash cards and visual aids to keep your study material organised and easy to read and remember. 
  • Read, read, read! Start by reading easy texts and move onto local newspapers and publications. Keep up to date with the news and practice your skills while you discuss the latest events with the locals, fellow students and your teachers.
  • Experiment with your newly acquired skills with fellow students and develop your confidence as you practise speaking with the locals.
  • Enjoy the experience and take breaks regularly to make sure that you perceive the entire experience as fun and memorable, while still keeping up manageable and effective learning.
  • Explore the wonders of your surroundings and embrace every element of the language and travel experience.

List of Top Resources to Learn German

We have a special article for you: a huge list of free resources to learn German. This article is perfect for German language learners of all levels, beginner to advanced, or German teachers. It contains resource sections on listening (radio, podcasts), watching (TV and Youtube playlists), pronunciation, learning software and apps, great websites, and much more! Everything you need to learn German in one place!