Why learn German?

Reasons for learning German
  • Communicate in a German-speaking country
  • Develop your professional skills
  • Get a deeper understanding of German art & culture
  • German Courses in Germany
German can be heard throughout Europe and is the official language in Germany, Austria and one of four official languages in Switzerland. With over 110 million speakers in Europe, the language is one of the most important on the continent and is the most widely spoken. Whether you want to learn German to further your career or simply want to make a holiday in a German speaking country more memorable, knowledge of this rich language will undoubtedly be a useful linguistic skill.

How will German help my career?

German is fast becoming one of the most prominent languages in the European world of business and commerce. The language has grown in the global market and can be heard throughout the world. Knowledge of the German language would therefore give you the competitive edge in the international market and will undoubtedly give you the opportunity to broaden your professional circle.

How will German influence me personally?

The German language has a rich history that stems back to before the 6th century AD. Along with its roots in history and the religious links to the Bible, the language also holds a dynamic culture and was the native language to some of the world’s musical and literary greats. With its wealth of history and culture, the German language will open your eyes up to a new world influenced by this intriguing language. Allow the works of Mozart, Bach, Goethe, Freud and Beethoven to invite you into a world of German cultural tradition, while you invest in a lifelong language skill to add to your résumé as well as your list of personal achievements.  If the literary arts and classical compositions are not of interest to you, then embrace the modern element of the German language by indulging in the lively rock music scene.

Where can I learn German?

The Sprachcaffe Languages Plus Schools in Germany offer students the opportunity to embrace the German culture while learning the language in Germany. Students can choose from a variety of schools ensuring the ideal destination to learn every element of the language.  Choose from our schools in:  
  • Frankfurt – As the financial capital of Germany the city has a wealth of history and culture to help you absorb every nuance of the language.
  • Düsseldorf – The city of Düsseldorf has a rich artistic and cultural atmosphere that will ensure that you embrace the language and thrive in this laidback German destination.