Eating in Cuba

Overview Eating in Cuba
  • Exotic, Caribbean cuisine
  • Traditional Cuban rum
  • Handmade Cuban cigars
  • Delicious coffee>

Cuban cigars

Cultivating and smoking tobacco was something the natives of the American continent were the originators of. The word cigar originated from sikar, the Mayan word for smoking. Used especially in ceremonies and religious rituals, the rest of the world was introduced to this practice with the discovery of the American continent by Christopher Columbus in 1492. Spanish and European sailors took the custom back to Europe, where it soon became widespread and very popular.

Given the increasing demand for good quality cigars, the ones produced until that time in Spain were then replaced by those being produced in Cuba. This was very important for Cubans and as a token of appreciation a tradition was established by which a box of the best cigars would be delivered to the Spanish king every year. 

Until the 60’s the cigar industry thrived, however health issues and the U.S. embargo against Cuba have had their effect. Even so, Cuban cigars continue to be extremely popular not only among men but many women as well.

Unlike cigarettes, cigars stand for cool, calm moments of mediation and contemplation.