Havana Highlights - sights and attractions

Attractions in Havana
  • Central Railway Station
  • Carmen Montilla House
  • José Martí National Library
  • Fraternity Park
  • National Theatre of Cuba
  • Revolution Square
  • José Martí's House
  • Cristóbal Colón Cemetery

Carmen Montilla House

Carmen Montilla was a Venezuelan painter who assisted with the restoration of an 18th century house, eventually setting it up as a workshop and gallery. This charming building preserves a piece of Cuban history, showing the architecture and layout houses in olden-day Cuba. The patio has a large ceramic mural made by Alfredo Sosabravo, a Cuban artist. Currently various different artists, both local and from the Latin American continent display paintings and other Works such as sculptures here.

Address: San Francisco Square. Old Havana. Havana.

When on your Language Trip in Havana to learn Spanish be sure to enjoy an afternoon strolling around the Carmen Montilla House.