Havana Lifestyle

Overview Shopping in Havana
  • Cigars, rum and coffee are typical products
  • Beautiful and traditional handcrafts
  • Old stamps, books and posters
  • Advise: bring Cuban music as holiday reminder

Shopping in Havana

The typical Cuban products that are a must when searching for souvenirs to take home include Cuban cigars, rum and coffee. Cuban cigars are considered to be the best in the world and they make great gifts. Some of the most prominent brands include Cohiba, Hoyo of Monterrey and Punch. It is recommended that you purchase these in official establishments that will provide you with a purchase receipt, rather than buy them off street vendors; these cigars are generally cheap fakes of poor quality, although many will try to convince you of their authenticity. Good Cuban rum is also very popular with visitors. A few recommended brands include Havana Club and Ron Caney.

Other great products to look around for in Cuba include handcrafts (a great place to look around in is the craft market behind the Plaza de la Catedral in Old Havana). These range from things such as paintings, wooden statues and sculptures to handmade clothing and embroidery. Remember that at these sorts of places price bargaining is common.

Old stamps and posters also make interesting keepsakes. Old books are also nice to take away with you, however, keep in mind that books published before the 1940’s have been declared National Heritage and cannot leave the island without due authorization. Cuban music is a wonderful reminder to take back home with you as well.

Treat yourself to a unique shopping spree while in town for your Spanish Language Course in Havana.