Havana Lifestyle

Overview Weather in Havana
  • Hot and humid climate
  • Dry and rainy season
  • Bring summery clothing!
  • Use sunscreen and mosquito repellent

Weather in Havana

Given the island's position near the equator, the climate is very hot and humid most of the year round. As in all places with this sort of weather, the climate is divided into just two seasons, namely a dry season which goes from around November to April and the wet or rainy season, lasting from May through to October. The last two months of the rainy season tends to be the hurricane season in Cuba.

What to Wear

As it is usually hot and humid in Cuba, most of the clothing you bring should by summery and lightweight, with a few sweaters and long pants thrown in. It can get cool at night, especially during January and February, the winter months, and you may be grateful for some warmer clothing if you travel there around that time of the year.

Dress is generally very relaxed and casual during the day, however if you plan on going out to restaurants, bars and dance clubs in the evenings, dressier or more formal attire is required. Shorts, for example, are not suitable for such places.

Other products such as sunscreen and mosquito repellent are essentials and it is best if you bring these with you as there aren't so many different brands of products available, although you shouldn't have trouble finding the products themselves. The same goes for other personal-care items. Remember to always take paper tissues or toilet rolls with you as this comes in handy!

Average Temperature

Degree (Celsius) 21°21°23°25°27°29°
Degree (Celsius)29°29°28°26°24°23°