Sprachcaffe’s 2011 catalogs are now on facebook

Frankfurt am Main, 28th of September 2010 – As of now, all friends and fans can take a look at Sprachcaffe’s new 2011 catalogs on facebook. A new tab makes it possible to just have a look at the new language travels abroad or to download the whole catalog immediately from the facebook page. Also available on facebook is the new work and travel catalog for 2011. With new volunteering projects and destinations, booking a travel with Sprachcaffe is even more enjoyable.

With already almost 2000 fans, Sprachcaffe’s community on facebook is growing quickly. “We are aware of our customers using facebook as a platform for information and recommendations”, explains Simon Wismeth, Head of Online Marketing at Sprachcaffe Languages PLUS, “that is why we continuously expanded our online activities and are an active member of the facebook society.” The organizer of language travels abroad sets a high value in simplifying the wide range of products and to increase the transparency of the language travels offered and the language schools. “We want to be close to our fans and potential costumers and offer an exclusive service. All information necessary for a booking of a language travel abroad are provided on our facebook page.”

For this reason Sprachcaffe not only included their catalogs for language travels abroad but also events and videos in the facebook page. All Fans get most recent information on the events taking place in the Sprachcaffe language schools around the globe and can see the time, place and event details through facebook. Furthermore a video section on the page gives a realistic insight on how a language travel abroad by Sprachcaffe is to be.

You can find Sprachcaffe’s facebook page on www.facebook.com/sprachcaffe. For more information please visit the Sprachcaffe website on www.sprachcaffe.com or contact our Sprachcaffe team on phone +356 25 70 1000 or by email to reception_ett_@sprachcaffe_dot_.com.