Mexican History

Overview History
  • Pre-Hispanic Mexico
  • Pre-Classical Period
  • Classical Period
  • Post-Classical Period
  • Spanish Conquest and Colonial Period
  • Towards Independence
  • War with the U.S. and Recolonization Attempts
  • The Mexican Revolution
  • The Zapatista Movement
  • Mexico Today

Mexico Today

In 1994, Mexican currency began slipping again, ending in another economic recession. Leading to increased crime rates and general discounts among Mexicans, many immigrated to the US. The president of the time, Zedillos gradually managed to pull Mexico out of the recession by 1998 and in 2000 the presidency was won by a National Action Party candidate, Vicente Fox Quesada, a former Coca Cola executive. This victory ended more then 70 years of PRI rule in politics.

Although crime, illegal border crossings into the US and the notorious Mexican drug cartels continue to be a problem in Mexico, the current leaders are striving to modernize Mexico and raise its level as a world player.