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Julieta Venegas

An uprising star in Spanish spoken music, Julieta Venegas forms a very important part of today’s Latin music scene. Born in Tijuana, Baja California, she began getting involved in music as a little girl of 8, when she began receiving piano lessons. The first group she ever played with as a teenager was called Chantaje, which later evolved into Tijuana No, an important musical band in Mexican rock during the early 90’s that fused Reggae and Ska.

Julieta decided to try a solo career, influenced by musical greats such as David Bowie, Suzanne Vega, Prince and Charly García and in the mid 90’s she was in the Mexican capital searching for work. She composed the music for a play called "Sirenas de Corazón" and later in 1995, formed a band called Lula and later another called La Milagrosa, in which she played together with Fratta and Rafael González.

In 1997 she released her debut album "Aqui". She also played the accordion on Los Enanitos Verdes's Tracción Acústica. Julieta Venegas's "Como Sé" allowed the artist to get a MTV Latino award for Best Female Performance.

Julieta composes her own songs and besides the accordion, also plays the piano, guitar and the vibraphone.

More information on Julieta Venegas can be found on her official Web site