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This hugely successful band was actually formed in the mid 70’s as a poor band that got together to rehearse in a garage and played a few gigs every now and then. Weddings, graduations, birthday parties and other social events in Guadalajara was where they managed to earn a few pesos. Its members: Fernando Olvera, Gustavo Orozco and brothers Juan, Ulises and Abraham Calleros originally called themselves the Green Hat Spies. Later this name was changed into the Spanish translation, “El Sombrero Verde”.

1981 was the year they released their first recording, after meeting Ricardo Ochoa, who produced their first albums for them. Success was not instant and it seemed as if the whole thing was a flop. The drummer left and was replaced by Alejandro González, from Miami, and later Gustavo Orozco also left. They were dropped by their record company and other companies were reluctant to sign them on as it was considered there was no market for Spanish Rock. Determined not to give in and sing in English, the band continued in Spanish and in 1986 changed their name to Mana, name under which they recorded their first album a year later. Warner Music Mexico signed the band on in 1989.

During the 90’s Mana’s success began to gradually appear, despite the many personal changes the band went through, with many members coming and going during several years. They toured after releasing one of their albums, playing concerts in the U.S., France, Spain and even appearing at the Montreux Jazz Festival’s Latin Rock Nights in Switzerland. The band received the New Artist of the Year honors as well as the same honors in the Latin music awards Premio Lo Nuestro. Since, they have had many successful world tours.

Today, Maná is undoubtedly growing as a music sensation, all over the world. The band is best known for its unique mix of traditional Latin and tropical sounds, fusion and Reggae, blended artfully with their typical Latin pop and rock style.

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