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  • Pepe Aguilar
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  • Thalía
  • Julieta Venegas

Pepe Aguilar

Son of one of Mexico’s most important performing couple, Pepe Aguilar had almost no choice but to go into music. His father was singer and actor Antonio Aguilar, renowned ranchero singer and his mother, movie star Flor Silvestre and on top of it all Pepe was literally born on the stage. The first time he sang with a microphone was at the tender age of 3 in New York’s Madison Square Garden, and from then on, his musical career took off.

Despite the strong influence of traditional Mexican music, Aguilar combined other musical genres into his creations, such as pop and rock. The alter seems to have been his inspiration, on which many of his creations are based. However he lets his traditional side and folkloric Mariachi music flows out on stage.

Aguilar is also a very respected composer and producer in the music world, aside from his talented voice and has worked with names such as Lupita D'Alessio, Edith Marquez Guadalupe Pineda, Julieta Venegas and Ely Guerra, among others.

Pepe successfully combined talent, musical background and ancestral influence to launch and enjoy a prosperous musical career earning him several Grammy nominations and awards, 14 records, as well as numerous compilations, over 8 million copies of his albums sold, and huge success in the Latin music world as the voice of Mexican music’s new generation. For further detailed information on Pepe Aguilar visit his official web site at