Spanish Classical Music

Artists of Classical Music
  • Andrés Segovia
  • Antonio Soler
  • Enrique Granados
  • José Carreras
  • Manuel de Falla
  • Pablo Casals
  • Plácido Domingo

Antonio Soler (1729 - 1783)

Born in Olot (Catalonia), this Spanish composer received his first musical education in Monserrat and later in 1752 he became became a priest and joined the Jeronymite order at the Escorial. He was choirmaster and organist at this royal monastery in Madrid and studied alongside Domenico Scarlatti. Scarlatti, a Spanish-Italian musician was at that time the composer at the Spanish court. Soler even tutored members of the royal court in music lessons.

He composed over 400 pieces of music, which blend influences of both his mentor and Spanish folk music. He was very interested in the history and the theory of music and most of his pieces included theatrical and church music. A master of the harpsichord and organ, he was even consulted with on the construction of new organs.