Spanish Classical Music

Artists of Classical Music
  • Andrés Segovia
  • Antonio Soler
  • Enrique Granados
  • José Carreras
  • Manuel de Falla
  • Pablo Casals
  • Plácido Domingo

Enrique Granados (1867 - 1916)

Spanish composer and pianist, Granados was one of Spain's best representatives of modern classical music. Born in Lérida in Catalonia, Granados studied in Barcelona under Felipe Pedrell. At a very early age, he was already a brilliant pianist. From 1889 onwards, he lived in Barcelona and worked as a concert pianist and music teacher.

Some of his most important works include the twelve Danzas Españolas as well as the stage pieces María del Carmen (1898) and piano suite Goyescas (1916). Due to the outbreak of World War I in Paris, the Goyescas suite could not be performed there. However the Metropolitan Opera accepted the unfinished piece and it was performed in New York. Granados was invited to the successful opening night in January 1916.

On the return journey to Spain on March 24, 1916 the ship Granados and his wife Amparo were travelling on, the SS Sussex, was bombed by a German submarine and the composer was drowned.

Granados’ music is filled with colorful and rhythmic Spanish sounds, resulting in a very unique and beautiful style. This wonderful musical style represents the romanticism in Spanish music during the 19th Century.