Spanish Flamenco Music

Flamenco Artists
  • Paco de Lucía
  • Camarón de la Isla
  • Pepe Habichuela
  • Tomatito

Paco de Lucía (1947 - )

No one revolutionized Flamenco music as greatly and as intensely as Paco de Lucia. Not only this, but besides bedazzling the world with his musical magic in his youth, Paco de Lucía continues to bewitch and influence young musicians.

In 1967 Paco de Lucía recorded his first album entitles "La Fabulosa Guitarra de Paco de Lucía". In 1968 he met singer Camarón de la Isla and a team was formed, with both working together for many years and well known in the Flamenco world. Their first album together, "Fantasia Flamenca" was recorded in 1969. In 1973 he released the successful album "Fuente y Caudal" which included the popular rumba "Entre dos aguas" as well as the transition from traditional Flamenco music.

Paco de Lucia’s musical horizon continued to expand through his participation in works with numerous other jazz guitarists such as John McLaughlin, Al DiMeola and Larry Coryell. In 1980, his next album, featuring a guitar trio "Friday Night In San Francisco", was released, which put Paco de Lucía in the international spotlight. Many more musical highlights followed this album with other jazz musicians and in 1987 Paco turned back to more traditional Flamenco music with the release of his album "Siroco". This was a successful chance to demonstrate to his listeners of what a truly great composer and guitarist he really was.

Paco's album "Cositas Buenas" is made up largely of his own compositions, and also includes collaborations by other artists such as Tomatito, Jerry Gonzales, Alejandro Sanz and also famous Flamenco singers La Tanta, Montse Cortés, El Potito and the late Camarón de la Isla.