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Every year, over 50,000 clients from various countries decide to travel abroad for a Sprachcaffe language course.

On this page, you will find student testimonials who wish to share their personal experience with you. What did they think of their school, courses, and accommodations? What did they think of their destination and the people they met there? You can learn everything you need to know about their stays with Sprachcaffe.
Continue reading our testimonials to be inspired to choose your next vacation destination!

Student Testimonials - Adults

Sam in Rabat

Sam enjoyed his stay in Rabat, especially for the chance to meet students like him from all over the world.

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Antonio in New York

Antonio found the experience excellent. He enjoyed the teachers good humour, learning with them and also liked the teaching methods.

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Seda in L.A.

Seda was worried about coming to LA. However, once there, she found people to be helpful and kind, and was heartened by her relationship with her host family.

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Anna in Madrid

Anna chose to study in our Madrid school and enjoyed the activities and the service. Read about her experience here.

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Onur in Frankfurt

Onur Öztürk liked the teachers' professionalism,the free time activities. and believes you can learn fast with Sprachcaffe.

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Hitoshi in Beijing

Hitoshi was studying in our school in Beijing and had the opportunity to learn and travel extensively in China.

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Dalma in Montreal

Dalma from Hungary came to our school in Montreal to learn French. The family atmosphere of our school was what she liked best!

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Erika in Toronto

Erika Maria Gonzalez had a very positive learning experience. Her relationships with teachers and her host family were excellent. Read about her experience here!

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Wissarut in Vancouver

Wissarut came to learn English and found the classes so fun that he couldn't wait for each day to begin!

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Laura in Rabat

"I had an incredible time at Sprachcaffe Rabat", summarizes everyone's experience of Language Travel in Morocco with Sprachcaffe.

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Annette in London

Annette had a very positive learning experience, made lots of progress and found everyone very welcoming!

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Gizem in Brighton

Gizem came to Brighton with certain expectations that were greatly exceeded as she got to know the city. Her experience was "perfect".

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Lauren in USA

Lauren took an exam preparation course for the TOEFL test at Sprachcaffe school in Orange County. She has taken classes with different teachers and learned a lot.

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Monica in Barcelona

Monica studied at our academy in Barcelona and stayed with a Spanish family. She recommends our school 100%!

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Akyol in Paris

Akyol came to Paris to learn French, and from the moment he arrived he was part of the Sprachcaffe family. Meet Akyol ...

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Student Testimonials - Young People

Lukas in St. Julian's

Lukas was never bored in his lessons and made the most of the large choice of free-time activities offered in St. Julian's.

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Lexia in Beijing

Lexia was impressed by Sprachcaffe's location, lessons and enjoyed the organized activities.

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Valeriya in Beijing

Valeriya says Sprachcaffe is the best way to travel and learn Chinese, and was impressed with the classes.

Read Valeriya's testimonial

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The language school requests that all students participate in our testimonial project and share their thoughts on their experience with Sprachcaffe. This is optional. All the testimonials on our website were provided voluntarily by students who wanted to share their thoughts on our schools.

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