Useful information

Common tourist mistakes

Remember that foreign or international driver's licenses are not readily recognized in China. As a rule tourists are advised against falling into the unknown traffic rules of China. However, if you still want to try it out, you should know that in the People's Republic of China the 0-percent alcohol limit applies, and drinking and driving is highly punishable. If you do not speak Chinese and wish to take a taxi, be sure to write down your destination beforehand or simply name a better known location near the destination, as many taxi drivers do not speak English.

Hints and tips

The withdrawal of money at ATMs is often very limited with foreign debit cards. Therefore, if you are traveling to China you should always take a credit card and/or cash with you. It is not common to tip in Chinese restaurants but it is quite customary in the hotel, for the room service or bell boy. The voltage in China is 220 volts. Since the sockets are not standardized, it is recommended to take a multiple adapter.

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