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Types of words in Spanish


Studying each type of word, understanding its functions and practicing with examples will help you improve your vocabulary and your ability to construct sentences and express yourself accurately in Spanish. With Sprachcaffe you can learn Spanish word types, their explanation and usage examples online for free. Combine theory with practice and travel to one of the Spanish-speaking countries we offer. Discover the types of words in Spanish.

Types of words

Articles and nouns

In Spanish, nouns are classified as feminine or masculine, know the grammatical rules to determine the gender of nouns and articles.

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Master pronouns: words used to replace or refer to nouns and learn their classification.

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Learn the list of the most used adjectives in Spanish and remember them like a native speaker.

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Discover the different types of prepositions and their use and improve your communication.

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Study words that provide additional information about how, when, where, to what extent or in what way the action is performed.

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Spanish conjunctions

Connect your ideas and express yourself with coherence and cohesion.

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Aprender los tipos de palabras en español es fundamental para adquirir una buena comprensión y expresión en este idioma. Algunas de las recomendaciones que Sprachcaffe ofrece para familiarizarte con la gramática básica y mejorar tu español son: leer libros, periódicos o revistas como la nuestra de Sprachcaffe; practicar diariamente la gramática española; participar en conversaciones en español y buscar ayuda de un profesor, en Sprachcaffe estaremos encantados de ayudarte. Si tienes alguna pregunta o necesitas más ejemplos, no dudes en contactarnos o visitar nuestros cursos de español.

Learn Spanish with Sprachcaffe

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