The family in Spanish

Learning Spanish family vocabulary is essential for communication and cultural integration, and allows you to fully participate in a variety of social, family and professional situations in a Spanish-speaking environment. Discover everything you need to know about the family with this vocabulary list.


Close relatives Translation Distant relatives Translation
Padre Father Tío Uncle
Madre Mother Tía Aunt
Hijo Son Primo Cousin (male)
Hermana Daughter Prima Cousin (female)
Hermano Brother Sobrino Nephew
Hermana Sister Sobrina Niece
Abuelo Grandfather    
Abuela Grandmother    
Nieto Grandson    
Nieta Granddaughter    
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Additional relationships

Spanish English
Esposo / Marido Husband
Esposa / Mujer Wife
Cuñado Brother-in-law
Cuñada Sister-in-law
Suegro Father-in-law
Suegra Mother-in-law

Other family-related terms

Spanish English
Padre soltero Single father
Madre soltera Single mother
Padres Parents
Padres adoptivos Adoptive parents
Huérfano Orphan
Tutor legal Legal guardian
Abuelos paternos Paternal grandparents
Abuelos maternos Maternal grandparents

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Learning family-related vocabulary in Spanish is an important step in mastering the language. Start by learning the fundamental members of the family and use flashcards with a picture of a family member on one side and their name in Spanish on the other. If you have any questions or need more examples, do not hesitate to contact us or visit our Spanish courses. Also with Sprachcaffe you can travel to many Spanish speaking cities such as Havana or Barcelona.

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