The political vocabulary in Spanish

Learning political vocabulary in Spanish is relevant and beneficial, as it enables you to actively participate in civic life, understand political and cultural issues, and develop more effectively in a variety of professional areas. It also enables you to better understand the world around you and make informed decisions. Discover political vocabulary in Spanish with Sprachcaffe.

Foreign and social policies

Foreign policy Translation Social policy Translation
Diplomacia Diplomacy Sanidad pública Public healthcare
Tratado Treaty Educación pública Public education
Embajada Embassy Seguridad social Social security
Alianza Alliance Bienestar social Welfare
Relaciones internacionales International relations Igualdad de género Gender equality
Cooperación internacional International cooperation Derechos civiles Civil rights
Conflicto internacional International conflict Discriminación Discrimination
Acuerdo bilateral Bilateral agreement Política de inmigración Immigration policy
Organización Internacional International organization Protección del medio ambiente Environmental protection
Política exterior Foreign policy Justicia social Social justice
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Political systems

Spanish English
Democracia Democracy
Monarquía Monarchy
República Republic
Autocracia Autocracy
Totalitarismo Totalitarianism
Parlamentarismo Parliamentary system
Federalismo Federalism
Sistema presidenciaL Presidential system
Estado de derecho Rule of law
Gobierno de unidad nacional National unity government

Political institutions

Spanish English
Gobierno Government
Parlamento Parliament
Congreso Congress
Senado Senate
Presidencia Presidency
Poder Ejecutivo Executive branch
Poder Legislativo Legislative branch
Poder Judicial Judicial branch
Constitución Constitution
Partido político Political party

Economy and Politics: Rights and Freedoms

Economics and politics Translation Rights and freedoms Translation
Política fiscal Fiscal policy Derechos humanos Human rights
Presupuesto Budget Libertad de expresión Freedom of speech
Impuestos Taxes Derecho a la igualdad Right to equality
Desigualdad económica Economic inequality Libertad de prensa Freedom of the press
Capitalismo Capitalism Derecho a la privacidad Right to privacy
Socialismo Socialism Libertad religiosa Freedom of religion
Mercado libre Free market Libertad religiosa Right to education
Nacionalización Nationalization Inmigración Immigration
Deuda pública Public debt Asilo político Political asylum
Banco central Central bank Ciudadanía Citizenship

Participate in political debates in Spanish

Politics is an important topic of conversation in society. Learning political vocabulary allows you to communicate effectively with others about political issues, debate issues of interest, and express your opinions clearly. To learn political vocabulary we recommend that you watch some of the many televised political debates of the candidates for president. If you have any questions or need more examples, feel free to contact us or visit our Spanish courses.

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