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Gap Year in London

Pack your things and head off to explore the world famous metropolis London! Here you will hear the purest British English being spoken and experience one of the most exciting European cities up close. Try traditional British food, admire the globally famous wax figures at Madame Tussauds or observe the spectacular changing of the guard, which occurs in front of Buckingham Palace. On your way back you will be able to see the Westminster Palace as well as London's trademark Big Ben. In the afternoon you will be having a tea session at 'Camellia's Tea House'. London contains a multitude of pubs, bars and clubs that you will be able to enjoy visiting at night. When choosing a gap year course, you have the option of staying in London for up to 12 months. You are also able to stay longer than this duration if you make a request to do so.

Our Gap Year courses

First you are required to take a placement test so that we can find out which level your language ability is at. Depending on the results we will be allocating you to the language course appropriate to your current abilities. All of our teachers are very motivated native English speakers who will engage with you consistently in order to ensure that your skills improve as quickly and effectively as possible. They will also be very happy to answer all of your questions about England and its culture. You can either choose the Standard or Intensive course option. The Standard course contains 4 lessons pr day and the Intensive course contains 6 lessons per day. You can find the prices for our Standard course in the table below. Prices for our Intensive course are available upon request.

Services included

From Sprachcaffe you get an all-round carefree package. Everything you need for a successful language stay is included in the price. Whether it's: arrival as well as excursions, accommodation, language course, teaching materials, language certificate and of course a priceless memory.

All inclusive services at a glance

Prices for the Gap Year course in London

Duration of stay: 20 weeks 24 weeks 28 weeks 32 weeks 36 weeks 40 weeks 44 weeks 48 weeks 52 weeks 56 weeks
Standard course prices: 2.630 £ 3.080 £ 3.680 £ 4.130 £ 4.580 £ 5.180 £ 5.630 £ 6.080 £ 6.680 £ 7.130 £
Intensive course prices: 3.840 £ 4.505 £ 5.390 £ 6.055 £ 6.715 £ 7.160 £ 7.600 £ 8.265 £ 8.930 £ 9.815 £
Prices shown above contain the language course, the placement test and your course completion certificate. These prices only apply if you have booked an accommodation with Sprachcaffe for at least 4 full weeks. Further details about the course and accommodation types that we offer are available upon request.

Our language school

Our language school is located in London's district named Ealing. It is also known as the "green oasis" as there are many parks and greenery areas within this part of the city. The 'London Underground' trains take you to the city center and the most important sightseeing attractions very quickly. You will also find very many possibilities to spend your free time very close by, like a shopping center, a cricket club or a doll museum for example. Our language school in London has 9 well equipped classrooms. The common room can be found right next to the reception. In addition there is a beautiful courtyard and a library on site. Computers are also available for browsing the web or practicing your language skills. It is also possible for you to choose to have take your Business English exam and your Cambridge exam inside London's chamber of commerce. Find more information about our offers in London here.

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