Le mode impératif

Le mode impératif or the imperative mode is a verbal mode used to give orders, instructions, advice or recommendations in a direct and concise manner. It is generally used to address someone directly and can be used with varying levels of politeness. The conjugation of verbs in the imperative varies according to the group of verbs and must be learned in order to be used correctly.

L'impératif présent

L'impératif présent or the present imperative is a form of the imperative mood used to give orders, instructions or advice in the present tense.

The conjugation varies depending on the verb group and sometimes requires irregular forms.

It can be used with different levels of politeness and can also be phrased negatively.

L'impératif passé

L'impératif passé or the past imperative is a verb tense used to express orders, instructions or recommendations regarding past actions that should have been performed before a certain time.

However, it should be noted that the past imperative is relatively little used in contemporary French and has a rather formal register.

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