Affordable ways to travel in Europe

Traveling in Europe may seem expensive, but there are plenty of budget-friendly options that allow you to explore the continent while saving money. From university tours to low-cost airlines to buses and car-sharing services, here are a few of the cheapest ways to travel around Europe.

1. Student agencies

These are an excellent option for young people looking to explore Europe without spending too much, since they generally make short trips (on weekends) and long trips (during the vacation season) to different countries and cities, so you can choose the one that best suits you. In the case of Germany, the best known are: Studifahrten and Uniflucht, whose objective is to organize economical, comfortable and fun trips for students, which are carried out by land, and some of these (when they are longer than two days) usually include lodging, partial meals and activities at the destination, which makes it easy to move between cities and countries at affordable prices.

2. Low Cost Airlines

Low-cost airlines, such as Ryanair, EasyJet and Wizz Air, are a popular choice for those looking to enjoy cheap flights within Europe. These companies offer reduced fares compared to traditional airlines, as you can find flights from 10 € to different destinations. Although it is important to mention that the low prices are due to the fact that you cannot carry checked luggage (only personal luggage, i.e. a small suitcase), you will not be able to select seats in advance, among others. Because all this has an additional cost if you want to include it in your ticket. But don't worry, for this we recommend you to book in advance and be flexible with your travel dates, this can help you find better deals and travel quickly and economically.

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3. FlixBus

This is one of the largest bus companies in Europe, known for its low fares and its wide network of routes. It has connections between the European capitals and even the big cities, which although they are not capitals, have a high tourist flow. It has a fleet of modern and comfortable buses, in addition, it has recently included in its services trains, which can be purchased on the same platform and are called Flixtren. FlixBus is an excellent option for travelers with limited budget and enough time to move around Europe by land. In addition, they offer free wifi on board and multiple daily departures, which will facilitate the planning of your travel.

4. BlaBlaCar

It is a car sharing platform that connects drivers with passengers who wish to travel in the same direction. This service is not only much cheaper than the previous options, but also a great way to meet new people and share travel experiences. Drivers post their trips and prices on the platform, so passengers can reserve a seat and pay a fraction of the cost on the day of the trip. And best of all, it is a safe travel option as the platform allows you to see reviews of previous trips made by the driver and just like other platforms like Uber they receive a rating for each trip, so be sure to first check how many stars the driver has and the comments of those who have traveled with him before your trip; and of course, be an excellent passenger as you will also be evaluated by the driver.

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5. RegioJet

It is a transportation company that offers bus and train services at very competitive prices. Originally from the Czech Republic, RegioJet has expanded its routes to several European countries, offering an affordable and comfortable alternative to travel long distances. Its trains and buses are equipped with free wifi, reclining seats and electric sockets, ensuring a pleasant travel experience. It is currently being the competing ground transportation company of Flixbus as its prices are usually more affordable.

6. Omio

Finally, we have an online travel search and booking platform that makes it easy to plan and purchase tickets for trains, buses and flights in Europe. Omio allows users to compare prices, schedules and routes of different transport operators, (buses, trains, and flights) offering a convenient way to find the best travel option according to your needs and budget. The best part of this platform is that it provides detailed information about schedules, travel times and prices, helping users to make informed and of course economical decisions.

Traveling in Europe need not be expensive

As you've read in our article, with a little planning and flexibility, you can explore the continent on a budget and enjoy all that Europe has to show you. From cheap flights to buses, from car-sharing services to platforms that help you filter your options to find the cheapest way to get around Europe without breaking the bank. Are you afraid to travel alone? Then start this experience by taking a language trip with Sprachcaffe and we assure you that you will meet people who are just as eager to discover the world as you are.