Learning a Language with Cat GIFs

Learning a new language is a whole experience. Sometimes you will hate it, sometimes you will love it. It is hard but rewarding at the same time. And in the end, your mistakes become jokes and everything you’ve learnt will make you feel good about yourself. Whether you are a beginner or a language expert, you will find that cats’ expressions can explain a lot about the situations you were or will be in. After all, we humans are also speaking a different language.

When you're in a foreign country
and don't speak the language

When you suddenly find out about what you really ordered
(because you had no idea and it sounded like “Beef”)

When you think you're really good in a language
and hear native speaker talking

Compliments from your teacher

When you're repeating grammar

When you're trying to keep up with the conversation

When you did a good job in class

When you're trying to understand complicated grammar

When you make a really basic mistake

"F*** this, I'm learning to play chess instead!"????

When you're trying to explain why you're
learning a really difficult language

When you're fluent in a foreign language but
the natives talk really s l o w and LOUD

When you start dreaming in another language

Realising how much you're able to say

When you are not paying attention,
and suddenly the teacher asks you to read a whole text aloud.

When a native speaker asks you for the way

When you are trying to get everything right on a vocabulary test

When your friend still doesn’t know the conjugation
and you correct them