The best Photo Hotspots in Frankfurt

You are looking for that perfect shot you can share on your Instagram, Snapchat or Pinterest account? Don’t worry, we can help you! In our article we are giving you our top photo hot spots you need to visit to take that perfect vacation selfie. Just follow our route and have fun – and don’t forget to use our #SprachcaffeMoment Hashtag so we can like your pics!

Sprachcaffe Languages School

The first stop on our photo-tour through Mainhatten (which is how the locals call their city as a reference to Manhatten in NYC, because of the Main river that flows through Frankfurt) is of course our very own Sprachcaffe Language school in Sachsenhausen. Clearly visibly through our red flags it is located in the Gartenstraße 6. Infront of the entrance you will find a lovely little bridge, where you can take your perfect shot. Don’t forget the hashtag #SprachcaffeMoment!

Willy Brand Platz

Within walking distance of our school you will find the famous Euro-sign. You might have seen in the news on TV while the topic was either on the euro in general or when the topic was specifically the ECB (European Central Bank), which is located in Frankfurt. In fact the old ECB used to stand directly behind the Euro sign, but since the number of people grew steadily a new building was needed. The new building is now situated in the East of Frankfurt, while the Euro-sign remained in the inner city for everyone to photograph. The big sign invited you to share a selfie – the perfect symbol to let everyone know that you have arrived in Europe!

Bull and Bear

Our road continues to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Frankfurter Börse), which is located in the inner city of Frankfurt and within walking distance from the Willy Brand Platz. Of course, you can also take the U-Bahn if you prefer getting there faster. The same U-Bahn that brings you from our school to the Willy Brand Platz, also brings you to Hauptwache, which is the closest station to the Stock Exchange. Here you will see two big statues: A bull and a bear. If you know anything about finances, you will already know what they represent. The bull represents the so called "bull market", which describes the upward trend of the market, while the "bear market" describes a downward tendency of the market trends. If you look at the animals, you will note that a Bull often stricks by lifting its horns upward, while a bear attacks in a downward motion using its claws. This is the way the two figures are depicted in Frankfurt as well. The two statues are perfect for your cool Selfie – and if you are sporty enough, you might be able to climb on top of them for an even better snap.


You might be wondering why a shopping mall is on our list? Well, take a look: The building is made out of glass with a giant hole in the middle of it. It was designed by Roman architect Massimiliano Fuksas and is part of the PalaisQuartier development. It was officially opened in 2009 and also looks incredible from the inside, which is why we included a second photo of the MyZeil in this article. The inside as well as the outside are worth your camera shot. So why not mix a little photo shooting with a little shopping? The main entrance faces the Zeil, Frankfurt's main shopping street. There is however another reason for visiting the center as well: it holds a 42 m long escalator, which at the time of the opening used to be the longest indoor escalator of Europe.

Frankfurt City Ghosts

Keep your eyes open for this special graffiti. The Frankfurt City Ghost is painted all over Frankfurt. You can find it on trash cans, at train stations, walls or on power boxes. The Ghost is everywhere. If you want to take a perfect shot with the iconic Ghost graffiti, we have the perfect spot for you. In Bornheim, close to Konstablerwache, you can find a whole mural painted by the artist. A picture infront of that wall on your Insta would be amazing, right?

Along the Main river

From our Ghost-Wall it is just a quick stroll back to Konstablerwache, where you will be able to reach the river Main quickly. By the way: On your way to Konstablerwache you will pass the beautiful Bethmannpark, which is also worth your visit. If you walk along the Main river toward Hauptwache and Eiserner Steg (which means Iron Bridge) you will have a spectacular view on the Frankfurt Skyline and the Bridge. Take a quick picture here before continuing. 

Eiserner Steg

One of the most famous bridges in Frankfurt is the Iron Bridge (Eiserner Steg). A german musican by the name of Philipp Poisel even wrote a song about the brige with the same title, which was used in a german movie called „What a Man“, which was filmed in Frankfurt. On the bridge, you will find many lovers locks. If you are not familiar with the trend: two lovers attach a padlock to a bridge or fence to symbolize their love. This trend supposedly started in Rome or Paris, but has spread through Europe and even made its way to Germany and the Eiserner Steg in Frankfurt. But most importantly: from the bridge you have an awesome view of the Skyline.
This is just a short list of the many amazing photo opportunities in Frankfurt. Don’t forget the classical hot spots, such as the Dome or the Römerberg, where the cityhall is located, the St. Paul's Church, the botanical garden Palmengarten or the magnificent Campus of the Goethe-University, as well as the photo ops that are not located in the city center, such as the castle of Höchst (Höchster Schloss), which is located in the district of Höchst.