The best things to visit in Boston

Want to know what to visit in Boston? This American city is a well of culture and history. In addition to being a dynamic city, Boston will offer you a multitude of places to discover. Check out this little guide to visit Boston and not miss a thing!

The places you should not miss

Tourism in Boston is very developed. Indeed, people from all over the world are drawn to the charm of this United States city. On a first trip during your language stay in Boston, for example, there are some tours that you should not miss. Here is a small summary of these places!

the "Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum"

This museum and replica of a life-size ship gives you a good idea of the history of the city. Here, you are told all about the "Tea Party" demonstration that took place on December 16, 1773. This act of resistance was directed against the British colonial powers and their new tax regime on products such as tea. Protesters poured a load of tea into the harbor in anger.

The Freedom Trail Freedom Trail

This 4 km (2.5 miles) drive through downtown Boston goes through 16 historic places. If you're looking for a fun and interactive tour of the city while taking a short history lesson, jump on the Freedom Trail and discover some of Boston's most important sights like the Boston Common, Massachusetts State House, the Old North Church, Faneuil Hall, the Old State House, the USS Constitution and many more.

Museum of Fine Arts

This is the fifth largest museum in the United States, the MFA has an impressive collection of 450,000 works of art and can be explored for hours if you have time to wander through this grand building. Many works of art of local historical value are on display here.

See also: The Temple Hall, which has the most beautiful Buddhist collection outside of Japan.

Visit Boston off the beaten path

When we ask what to visit in Boston, the first answers is probably the city's great monuments or institutional places. It is not bad in itself, but know that you can make your trip a different experience by doing the activities that present and introduce you to the daily life of the citizens of this beautiful city.

The "Fenway Park"

Sport is part of Boston culture (especially baseball) and it would be a shame to visit Boston without attending the all-American show of crowds who take advantage of "Fenway Frank" and sing "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond, which has become the anthem of the Boston Red Sox. This baseball stadium is the oldest in the world and remains very impressive.

Spending a moment here will make you feel really strong, as if you were part of the Fenway Park story. If you have the chance to see the Red Sox match against the New York Yankees (an impressive rivalry), be sure to encourage the right team ... The local one !!

Visit Boston and Quincy Market

The "Quincy Market", located in the city center not far from the port is the place to be for food lovers. Take a stroll through this magnificent indoor market and indulge in various bakeries, slices of pizza, groceries and other local delicacies that will delight you. This gourmet touch will make your stay in Boston an incredible moment.

This is where our list ends. We have provided you with a small insight into the various activities you can do in Boston and make your trip a memorable one. If you have other places to suggest, do not hesitate to tell us on Twitter!