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Interview 3: Exchange Student

Carol always had a love for languages and the world at large so when the opportunity arose for her to explore the world and its languages as a foreign exchange student she grabbed it with both hands. Originally from Brazil but having chosen to study modern languages and interpreting at the University of Westminster she soon left the bustling streets of London to explore the excitement of Italy as well as the magic of Egypt for 12 months. Carol got to experience the wonder of modern languages from her textbooks and the remarkable locals of her new temporary homes.

Here’s what Carol had to say about her journeys in the various destinations!

When Carol was 23 years old she was offered the opportunity to further her studies as an exchange student for 6 months in Italy and 6 months in Egypt. As a language enthusiast with travel being bred into her very soul she packed her bags and set sail within 3 weeks of signing up.

Your family was living in Brazil at the time so what made you choose to leave your family to study in London?

Carol: London is a city of freedom and excitement, the cosmopolitan vibe just makes everything brighter and the university I chose was the only one that offered interpreting as a part of the course.

What was the highlight of your time abroad?

Carol: Experiencing the different cultures and absorbing the languages. Meeting new people is always fun but actually experiencing their lives was an enriching journey that helped me learn more about myself.

What advice would you give to students looking at studying abroad or considering a foreign exchange program?

Carol: Go where the wind takes you! If you know that a certain place will help your career in the future or will make your education more exciting then go to that place. Do your research and find the university or programme that suits you best. When travelling abroad try and learn the language and find out more about the cultures that will surround you, the world is full of cultural rules and guidelines that can help you feel more at home without insulting the locals unwittingly.

If you could do it all over again would you use an agency or do it yourself?

Carol: I wouldn’t change my experiences at all so I would do it myself all over again. I got to enjoy a freedom to live how I wanted to live and it made me more aware of the responsibilities of life, I think an agency might have made me lazy.