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FAQ for online language courses from Sprachcaffe

Would you like to learn languages ​​online? Here you will find all the answers to frequently asked questions about online language courses.

General questions

We offer you the quality of a real academic institution with experienced educators and a tested concept.
In principle, our online lessons work just like normal lessons at our established language schools. You log into our classroom live online, i.e. in a live video chat with one of our experienced teachers. The teacher gives you "real" lessons and addresses all your questions and learning needs directly. He recognizes your weaknesses and strengths, motivates and challenges you. Teaching with a real teacher is not only much more fun, it also offers you a very high level of individuality and good preparation for everyday practice. This ensures the fastest possible and most sustainable learning progress that you can make. With us you also determine when and how often you want to learn. From the comfort of your own home or anywhere else.
Regardless of whether you are a student or an adult, you can take an online course either alone or together with other participants. Both types of courses can offer you different advantages. One-to-one tuition: You can take one-to-one tuition alone or with another person who is at the same level of learning as you (e.g. a friend, sibling, partner). The learning content of the course and the timetable are individually tailored to you / both of you. You determine the days and times of lessons, how many lessons you need and exactly where you need to learn. The teacher can respond to all questions immediately and adapt the lessons to needs again and again.Group lessons: In group lessons you learn together with 4-12 international participants who are at the same language level as you. This is how you come into contact with other language students from all over the world and there is a constant dialogue. The groups are kept small, so that everyone can still have their say. Learning in a fixed group enables a consistently effective learning progress within a "sealed team".
You can learn all the languages ​​that you find on our website on our website, depending on the current availability in a group or individually, in an online course. The most popular languages ​​are e.g. English, Spanish, Italian, French, German as a foreign language, Chinese or Arabic. We also offer many other languages ​​such as Portuguese, Latin, Turkish or Greek on request. New online group courses for different languages ​​are constantly being created. Just tell us your desired foreign language and we will make you an individual offer.

No previous experience is necessary! We offer online courses at different levels for all languages; for beginners with and without previous knowledge (A1-A2), intermediate (B1-B2) and advanced (C1-C2). Here you will find an overview of the different levels of our online language courses. To determine your language level, you will take a language test.

How long your online language course should take to reach the next language level depends on your level of knowledge, your goals and the intensity of the language course booked. However, we have an orientation for you here, how many lessons or learning weeks you should expect on average.

We also strictly limit group sizes online so that every participant has the opportunity to get involved. Online group language courses are reduced to 12 international participants and private lessons can be for 1 person or 2 people.
No, you can sign up whenever you want. The first class usually starts every Monday to keep the learning groups as constant as possible. We recommend absolute beginners to always start at the beginning of the month. This is how you get into a course with other beginners and can keep up from the start.
Lessons are given in the foreign language that is also learned. By using the language continuously, great progress can be made quickly. This may seem a bit overwhelming to beginners, but nobody needs to worry about not being able to follow the lessons. Our experienced teachers adapt to each student individually and use various teaching methods to ensure that everything has been understood. Of course, you can also help out in German or English if necessary. But you are automatically in the foreign language in no time at all and explanations in your mother tongue are superfluous. Our teachers all teach at mother tongue level and have many years of experience teaching their language in our schools.
After registering, you will be asked to take a placement test in your Sprachcaffe login so that we can determine your actual language level. We need to know your exact language level in order to make the course groups as homogeneous as possible. We always see that participants with similar needs are in a group. If the course seems too easy or too difficult for you, talk to us and we will make a change. If you want to test your current language level now, you can take a free placement test online.
Experienced academic leaders put the groups together in close cooperation with the teachers based on the evaluation of the placement test, demographic information such as age (e.g. students together with students) and the participants' desired dates.
Broadband connections have a different upstream speed than downstream speed. If you are connected to the internet via WiFi, make sure that you have a stable signal. The best way to do this is to not be too far from your access point/router. Requirements to take an online language course are: Standard quality video 0.5 Mbps received
Send 0.5 Mbps

High definition video
2.5 Mbit / s received
Send 3.0 Mbit / s

Test your internet speed here: www.dslreports.com/speedtest
All students who have attended 80% of the classes receive their certificate of successful participation. If you are unable to attend class, it is advisable to notify your teacher and discuss how to proceed.
In addition to the digital textbook, the teacher will provide work materials before, during and after class. Which work materials or books are used depends very much on the level and focus of the learning group.

If a specific workbook is used, you will be notified at the beginning of the course so that you can get it in advance if you prefer the paper form.
Of course, online courses have more flexibility and we also offer different time models with many and a few hours per week for group lessons.

In order to choose your very own times, we recommend that you register for private lessons (private lessons). Then you can flexibly determine on which days and at what times the lessons take place.

Questions about booking and payment

First, ask us about your desired online language course without obligation. Simply fill out the form for online group tuition or for online individual tuition and tell us your wishes. If you have any questions or would like a personal consultation, please call us.

We check availability and find the optimal online course for you. You will then receive an offer by email that specializes in your needs. If you like this, we will book the course for you. All you have to do is wait for your course to start.
If the offer does not suit you, we will of course be happy to make your change requests.
If you want to register several participants at the same time, simply state this as a note when you request a course. There you will find space for a personal message to us. It is also best to let us know what language level the participants are in.

Based on your information, we will then put together a special offer for several participants. If the participants all have the same language level, there is the possibility of a closed private course. If they have different language skills, we will find the right course for everyone. For this we need precise information on the needs and goals of the respective participants.

If you agree with our offer, we will book it binding.
1. You get access to your personal Sprachcaffe login. There you will take an online language test so that we can determine your language level.

2. Based on the determined language level and your special needs, we will find the right language course for you.

3. You will then receive a link via email that you can use to access the online classroom. The classroom becomes active as soon as your teacher is ready.

Questions about online educational leave in Germany

In Germany, educational leave is paid, additional leave per year that serves for your professional or socio-political further education. In most federal states, a special state law (the so-called continuing education law) regulates the employee's right to educational leave, i.e. the employer must grant this under certain conditions. If you are not legally entitled to educational leave, you can of course still ask your employer about the possibility. The educational leave can also be taken online as a distance course and usually lasts 1-2 weeks. During this time, you will learn online from home. If you would like to take the course for longer, you can ask your employer about unpaid leave after the educational leave.

Our online intensive language courses, whether in group or private lessons, are officially recognized as educational leave. Depending on the state, you have to take an online course 30-40 hours per week. So sign up for a group or individual intensive course with 30-40 lessons per week. In the digital classroom with real teachers, you can expand your language skills or prepare for internationally recognized language certificates. You and your employer benefit equally from this. In addition to popular foreign languages ​​such as business English, Spanish, Italian or French, we also offer courses in Arabic, Chinese, Latin and many other languages ​​that are important for the professional world.
For the online language course, you will receive additional leave from your employer (1-2 weeks). During this time, you will continue to receive your regular salary as normal.

As a rule, you have to bear the costs for the online course yourself. However, since the employer also benefits from your further training, it is worth asking about cost sharing.

Tip: The cost of a language course is usually tax-deductible. Ask your tax office whether you can take the online educational leave. Of course you will receive a certificate of attendance from us as proof.

1. First check whether educational leave is possible in your state and whether you meet the requirements (e.g. full-time employment of at least 6 months).

2. Talk to your employer about the opportunity for educational leave and consider which language you would like to learn online for your further training. In most cases, educational leave must be granted.

3. Choose an online intensive course: determine the foreign language, if necessary a specific course focus, whether group or individual lessons and when you want to start. When making your request, note that the course is min. 30-40 lessons per week must be in order to be recognized as educational leave. Here you can request a course for group tuition and here for individual tuition.

4. We will send you a course offer tailored to your needs and you will check whether everything corresponds to your wishes. If so, we will book the course for you.

5. You will receive documents from us for your employer that certify that you are registered for a recognized educational course.

6. Of course, even after completing the distance learning course, you will receive a certificate of participation from us, which you can submit to your employer as a certificate of successful participation.

Online language courses from Sprachcaffe

Learn English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and many other languages ​​in online language courses with experienced teachers.

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