Chinese Language Course

Learn the most spoken language of the world in China.

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Top Tips for Students Learning the Chinese Language

Chinese is one of the most difficult languages to learn with every element of the language being totally new and unfamiliar, however with its growing popularity it is also one of the most advantageous languages to learn. Because we aim to make the language acquisition process as fun and enjoyable as possible, we have compiled a few tips to help you make the most of your Chinese courses inside of the classroom and out.
  • Make the most of your class time and be sure to ask questions if you are unsure of anything. Our teachers are more than willing to assist you and slow down the pace if you feel overwhelmed.
  • Take the time to sit down after class and review your notes, double check on anything you are not sure of and read materials that might aid your progress.
  • Experiment with your language skills as you explore the wonders of China, try speaking to the locals or simply listen to the sounds of the language as you absorb it naturally.
  • The locals are famous for their friendly natures and will do everything they can to help you learn the language. Take advantage of this and practice normal, day-to-day conversations with them.
  • Schedule your time effectively to allow for ample study time as well as free time to enjoy the city you are learning in.
  • Listen to Chinese TV programs or radio shows or even try reading the local newspapers, make notes of any questions and be sure to ask your teacher during your next lesson.
  • Relax and enjoy this once in a lifetime language and travel experience.