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Why Learn French as a Young Person?

French has over 328 million speakers around the world and can be heard on almost every continent on the globe. Along with being one of the most popular languages, French is also culturally rich and offers a true invitation into a romantic and awe-inspiring heritage. Learning French is guaranteed to be an enriching experience that will not only provide you with a worthwhile language skill, but will leave you inspired to embrace a whole new world of culture at a young age.

How will learning French play a role in my future career prospects?

French has official language status in 29 countries, so fluency in the language will open you up to ample opportunities around the world. French is also the official administrative language for a number of global organisations including the United Nations, UNESCO and the International Monetary Fund. No matter what field you choose to follow, your newly acquired French skills will put you as a front runner in that profession.

How will learning French influence me personally?

French is undoubtedly the language of culture and travel. The melodious sounds of the French language act as an invitation into a dynamic, historic and charming culture. The rich heritage of the French language will offer you the opportunity to explore every element of the French culture while allowing you to discover roots in the language’s points of origin. Along with being a culturally rich and diverse language, French is also an extraordinarily popular language that can be heard throughout the world. Fluency in the French language will allow tourism to take on a whole new element of excitement; no matter where in the world you go. Enjoy exploring new destinations while you are able to communicate effectively with the locals, allowing you to enrich every travel experience.