Arabic language courses

Immerse yourself in Arab culture and learn Arabic language at the same time.

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Why Learn Arabic?

With over 300 million speakers worldwide, the Arabic language has spread across the globe and continues to grow in all areas of the world. The global economy has seen the Arabic language become increasingly important and with the language holding official language status in 27 countries, knowledge of the Arabic language will become the key to innumerable opportunities. Choosing to learn Arabic will open you up to a whole new world of culture, history and tradition. As the language of the Quran, Arabic has a rich spirituality that you will find captivating as you embrace this unique language.

How will Arabic influence my career?

Arabic is spoken all over the world and is one of the official languages of the United Nations. With the growing importance of Arabic nations in the global economy, knowledge of the Arabic language will prove to be a worthwhile skill. You will have the opportunity to create and maintain profitable relationships with business contacts in the Arabic world while furthering your knowledge of the dynamic practices, traditions and customs found in every aspect of the Arabic culture.

How will Arabic influence me personally?

Spirituality, culture and customs are some of the most foregrounded elements of the Arabic language. You will have the opportunity to experience a unique religion and culture while learning a valuable language. With the language’s wealth of history displayed in the many museums, mosques, mausoleums and even art galleries, you will be confronted with a deeper level of the culture while absorbing the Arabic language. Every student will undoubtedly find the Arabic language to be the key to an enriching cultural experience that will stay with them long after their course is complete.

Where can I learn the Arabic language?

The magnificent multilingual city of Rabat will prove to be the ideal destination to learn Arabic, with every facet of the culture and history of the language enveloping every moment of your stay in Morocco. Embrace the hospitable nature of the locals while you absorb the language naturally.