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Eat delicious Italian Pizza and Pasta on your High School Year in Italy.

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Italy High School Stay

Want to experience il Bel Paese and learn one of the most beautiful languages in the world? How about tasting one of the best cuisines in the world and being surrounded by the finest art and culture? Then choose Italy as your high school stay abroad!

14 - 18 year olds

Duration of stay

1 - 3 months, school semester, or school year

Classic Programme

Public high school without choice of location & school


Across the country, including Sicily and Sardinia

Italy is characterized, among other things, by a variety of landscapes. Fascinating coasts and beaches with subtropical climate can be found practically everywhere thanks to Italy's border with the Mediterranean Sea in the west, south and east. But you can also find various volcanoes and volcanic islands in Italy. Some of them are still active, such as Etna, the most famous volcano in the country. Italy is also known for its beautiful Alps, as well as forests and mountains in the north, which offer numerous outdoor activities. The millennia-old history of the Romans is one of the reasons why Italy is the country with the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These include the Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. In addition to ancient cultural sites, Italy also offers numerous festivals, such as the Italian Carnival, and of course the culinary pleasures of pizza, pasta, and gelato. Italy is therefore all about art, culture, food. But it's also about its people, warm and friendly locals that are always up for a chat and available to help.

Highlight: Orientation-Camp

During your high school stay in Italy you have the opportunity to participate in one of two orientation camps where you will be introduced to Italian customs and culture. Choose between a 6-day camp in Udine with excursions and Italian classes and a 3-day camp in Milan, which also includes excursions but no language lessons.

Your Italian stay

The Italian school system is divided into two / three trimesters of 4 months each, depending on the school. Choose between:
One month, start in any month except:
  • June
  • July or
  • August
Two months, start in any month except:
  • May
  • June
  • July or
  • August
Three months, start in any month except:
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July and
  • August
One semester, start in:
  • January or
  • September
One school year, start in:
  • September

Frequently Asked Questions about High School in Italy

You will stay with a previously screened and approved host family. The student's needs and interests will be met as much as possible with those of the host family.
In Italy school uniforms are not compulsory.
School runs approximately from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. Due to the fact that students attend school only 5 hours a day, school in Italy runs from Monday to Saturday.
Yes, students are supervised on site and can call the supervisor by phone in case of emergencies.
Family visits are possible only at the end of the program.
Students usually bring their ski equipment with them, but it can also be rented on site.
Students are not allowed to work during their high school stay.
Public transportation is available and reliable.
Due to insurance reasons, students are not allowed to sign up for driving courses. It is also not allowed to drive motorized vehicles.
Unfortunately we do not offer private high schools in Italy.
The standard vaccinations common in Europe (tetanus, measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis A and B, diphtheria, pertussis, polio) are recommended.
Italy is a very safe country. Nevertheless, we recommend to keep personal valuables either on yourself or in a safe place.

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