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English and French Courses in Montréal for Adults

Our language school lies close to the heart of Montréal, a city well known for its bilingual population, meaning you can learn English or French, or even both at the same time! An English or French course in Montréal will not only be an investment in your future, but it will be the starting point for a whole new world of knowledge, experience and opportunities.

Immerse yourself in Montréal's rich culture while pushing your boundaries and enjoying an exciting adventure while absorbing the English French languages effortlessly. The city is famous for its European culture, architecture, natural beauty and international festivals. Montréal is Canada's second largest city, attracting visitors with its devotion to fun, cultural events, including the biggest jazz festival in the wold, and its multicultural attributes make it the ideal place for a language, culture, and travel adventure.

The mix of historic buildings, churches and modern-day skyscrapers makes Montréal a truly unique city, and its vibrant musical culture, visual arts, theater and dance scenes provide an exciting cultural backdrop. During the summer months, the downtown area of Montréal is the constant venue of festivals and parades, the largest of which is Just for Laughs comedy festival, the biggest comedy festival in the world.

During your language course you'll have time to discover the best of Montréal: soak up the atmosphere along the city's cobblestone streets and marvel at the wonderful architecture or, if you're interested in art and culture, take your pick from Montréal's large selection of galleries and museums.

At our school in Montréal our students will quickly improve their language skills thanks to our effective and enjoyable courses. Our range of courses include Standard, Intensive, English & French Combination, Exam Preparation and many other English and French courses. Find more information about our English courses in Montréal here.

Course Details for your language trip in Monréal

The Sprachcaffe Languages Plus School in Montréal is suitable for every student no matter what their current language proficiency is. Beginners will thrive in this unique city while Sprachcaffe's creative teaching methods will ensure effective and fun-filled learning. Students who wish to improve their English or French skills will do so both in the classroom with our experienced language teachers and outside, during our fun-filled extracurricular activities.

You will start your language course in Montréal with a language test to assess your level and place you in the correct group. After this evaluation, you will start with your weekly language classes taking place from Monday to Friday. Every class can have a maximum of 14 students, allowing the teacher to focus on each student individually and cater to their language and personal needs. Our Sprachcaffe teachers are always ready to listen to you, and with the help of exciting and up-to-date teaching materials your language learning path will be fun and effective!

Overview of all the courses we offer:

Standard Course

20 lessons of 45 minutes each
Minimum duration 1 week
Group size max. 14

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Intensive Course

30 lessons of 45 minutes each
Recognised as educational leave
Minimum duration 1 week
Group size max. 14

To the Intensive Course

Super Intensive Course

40 lessons of 45 minutes each
Recognised as educational leave
Minimum duration 1 week
Group size max. 14

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Part-time Course

10 lessons of 45 minutes each
Minimum duration 1 week
Group size max. 14

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Elective Courses

10 additional lessons
Choose from different focal points
Minimum duration 1 week
Group size max. 14

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IELTS/ TOEFL Exam Preparation

20 lessons of 45 minutes each
Minimum duration 12 weeks
Group size ø 4 max. 14

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One to One Course

10 or 20 lessons of 45 minutes each
You can choose the topics with the teacher
Minimum duration 1 week
Optional 1 or 2 persons, the choice is yours

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Study Club

2 lessons per week of 45 minutes each
Minimum duration 1 week
Group size max. 10
free participation

Standard Plus Course

24 lessons of 45 minutes each per week
20 lessons Standard Course + 4 lessons Workshop
Minimum duration 1 week
Group size max. 14

More Infos about your Standard Plus Course

In our Sprachcaffe language school in Montréal, we offer English and French courses for all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced linguists. You also get to choose the duration and intensity of your course, whether it's an intensive course of just 2 weeks or a private course for longer period.

The minimum age for the Montréal language courses is 18 years old. For students aged 16-17, we will be happy to check the possibility of participation on request.

The books are available for purchase or rent directly at the school.

Our School in Montréal

Our language school is part of a North American network of language schools. Montréal, Canada’s second-largest city, is found on an island in the St. Lawrence River, in the province of Quebec, in the eastern part of the country. The school is located in a modern building in downtown Montréal. The surrounding neighbors include the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts, the Ritz Carlton Hotel, McGill University and the famous Holt Renfrew Department Store.

Our centrally located school in Montréal is situated just five minutes from the most exciting streets in Canada and surrounded by an abundance of international restaurants.

Furnished with modern equipment, our school provides students with outstanding course quality and the perfect study environment - even during your breaks!


Located in the heart of Montréal

Experienced teachers

Our native-speaking teachers give you professional-level courses

Modern campus

8 comfortable classrooms
School-wide wireless internet access

Open-space concept

Study and resource materials available for students
Lounge and kitchen

Sprachcaffe's language school in Montréal is accredited by:


After a long day of language learning and extracurricular activities it is important to go back to a comfortable environment. This is why Sprachcaffe puts a lot of important on the types and quality of accommodation we offer our students. In Montréal we offer both homestay (full and half board) and residence accommodation options.

The homestay accommodation will give you plenty of opportunities to practice and improve your English or French skills outside the classroom by conversing with the locals and other international students. Each family is carefully selected by us, making sure that the environment is welcoming and up to the highest standards.

The residence accommodation allows you more independence and is a great chance to mix with other language students and practice what learned in class.


Single or double room
Half or full board
Max. 50 min by public transport
 Shared bathroom and kitchen

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Single or double room
International students share kitchen, bathroom, and lounge
Max. 30 min by public transport

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Activities in Montréal

The multicultural metropolis of Montréal offers a huge range of sights and leisure activities. Whether you are interested in culture, sport or nightlife - here everyone gets their money's worth! The southern Canadian city is known for its multicultural atmosphere and strong European influence. The majority of the inhabitants speak both English and French - the city is even considered the second largest French-speaking city in the world after Paris!


In the morning:
Placement test / First language lesson

In the afternoon:
Getting to know the group / Orientations Tour

In the evening:
Welcome party


In the morning:
language course

In the afternoon:
Excursion to Mont Royal

In the evening:
Free time


In the morning:
language course

In the afternoon:
Free time

In the evening:
Games Evening


In the morning:
language course

In the afternoon:
museum visit

In the evening:
Free time


In the morning:
language course

In the afternoon:
Free time

In the evening:
Night Out in Montréal



Excursion: Niagara Falls (whole weekend)



Excursion: Niagara Falls (whole weekend)

Please note: The activities in the sample week are only a recommendation for the organisation of your language travel to Montréal. On site, excursions, times and activities may vary and cost between 10 and 50 €.

Other Activities in Montréal

Tourism in Montréal

The city’s multicultural and unique atmosphere is the ideal destination to experience Canada throughout the year. Our language school in Montréal is situated on Sherbrooke Street which is affectionately known as “The Golden Mile”. The street itself as well as the surrounding area is home to an abundance of breathtakingly beautiful historic buildings, museums as well as upscale hotels and residences. The school is located at the juncture of The Golden Mile and Crescent Street, which is famous for hosting a number of festivals and events as well as the Formula 1 Weekend.

Culture in Montréal

As Canada’s cultural capital the city boasts a rich culture that offers everything from art to history, and a world famous music and dance scene. The multilingual community in Montréal holds a unique mixture of cultures and languages, with French and English being the main languages. Every cultural aspect of Montreal can be experienced through the abundance of festivals as well as in the many vibrant cultural attractions from galleries to museums and theatres.

The city is not only alive with cultural attractions and festivals but also has a number of beautifully designed churches. Montréal is perfectly defined by a famous quote by Mark Twain: “This was the first time I was in a city where you couldn’t throw a brick without breaking a church window.”

While in Montréal tourists will have a huge variety of attractions to enjoy whether their tastes lean towards jazz music cafes or world class theatres.

Sport in Montréal

Ice Hockey is one of Canada’s great loves and the avid supporters will be eager to share their passion with every visitor. Canadians are passionate about their winter sports, from skiing to ice skating and snowboarding, and encourage visitors to experiment with their skills on the slopes and elsewhere. The city of Montreal was the first Canadian city to host the Summer Olympics in 1976 and has kept the Olympic spirit alive.

Local Events

Below you will find an overview of annual events in Montréal that are well worth a visit. Won't be there during these events? No problem, this is only a small selection Montréal has a variety of events to offer. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact our staff at Sprachcaffe Montréal!

Fireworks Festival: (June) The annual international fireworks competition can best be admired from the Parc Jean-Drapeau. But the park itself also offers a lot of entertainment: a wide range of music, dance and theatre shows, sporting events and leisure activities are sure to keep you busy.

Montréal Jazz Festival: (June - July): This festival is an absolute must for jazz enthusiasts: since 2004, it has held the position of the largest jazz festival in the world in the Guinness Book of World Records. Every year, this means 3000 musicians from 30 different countries and 2.5 million visitors. Day and night, various jazz concerts can be heard throughout the city, both indoors and outdoors, and public transport is even shut down for 10 days.

Just for Laughs Festival: (July) You want to laugh again? The world's biggest comedy festival has been held in Montréal every year since 1983. A selection of the most famous comedians and newcomers perform here under the motto "Make People Happy".

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The Sprachcaffe Languages Plus School in Montréal offers world-class English and French courses in this spectacular city. Absorb the language and embrace the diverse culture while exploring the wonders of Montréal . Students will thrive in this enlightening environment while our talented teachers will ensure they meet their language goals in their desired time frame.

Our cost effective language courses include your choice of language course, its duration and intensity, and your preferred accommodation. Choose among standard, intensive, private and many more English and French courses before choosing your accommodation in our residence or with a local host family.

The competitive price package guarantees a range of services.

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Language course
Placement test
Course certificate

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