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Spanish Courses in Madrid for Adults

The bustling city of Madrid offers visitors everything from a trendy music scene to some of the world's most contemporary art galleries and studios. Madrid is Spain's capital and is one of Europe's most beautiful cities.
Madrid's fusion of arts, culture and history has created a dynamic community that thrives in this buzzing metropolis. With everything from awe-inspiring scenery to a lively nightclub scene, the city of Madrid is the ideal backdrop for a language and travel experience for every student. The traditional museums and galleries invite visitors to embrace the city's history, while the streets are lined with restaurants and bars full of people making the most of Spain's amazing food, wine, culture and everything life has to offer.

Our Sprachcaffe School is perfectly located in the center of one of the more popular areas of the city and offers a lively yet relaxed environment in which to learn. In the surrounding area, students are never short of places to go and see, no matter what time of day. The seemingly never-ending nightlife continues until the sun rises above the Iberian Peninsula. This exciting and dynamic setting gives students endless opportunities to practise their Spanish with the outgoing locals.Whether you want to improve your knowledge of the language or wish to learn Spanish from scratch, Sprachcaffe has a course that will help you meet all your language goals in your desired time frame. Choose from our standard, intensive, one-to-one, academic courses and more.

Whether you want to improve your knowledge of the language or wish to learn Spanish from scratch, Sprachcaffe has a course that will help you meet all your language goals in your desired time frame. Choose from our standard, intensive, one-to-one, academic courses and more.

Our School in Madrid

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Inside the Spanish School in Madrid

Our school is fully equipped with modern, Spanish décor and the building is is typical of Madrid's architecture, while being ideally located to offer picturesque views of the city, including the Opera and the Royal Palace.

Our school offers:

  • A welcoming reception area
  • 7 spacious classrooms
  • A students' lounge area with a drinks machine
  • A study room where students can study in a comfortable, relaxed environment
  • Access to computers with free internet
  • 2 terraces offering breathtaking views of the city - the perfect place for students to have a break while admiring Madrid’s beauty

Location of the Spanish School in Madrid

The school is located in an old townhouse in the centre of Calle del Arenal, near the Puerta del Sol. The area is one of the most popular in the city, combining the big city buzz with a tranquil atmosphere. The school building offers respite from the hustle and bustle of the city, while the central position gives students the feeling of being at the centre of all the exciting activity.

Our school has two terraces with breathtaking views of the city. Many attractions are within walking distance of the school and the area has an abundance of trendy cafés, bars and world-class restaurants.

Course Details

At Sprachcaffe we offer a variety of courses to suit every student’s language needs. Choose from our standard, intensive, business, academic courses and more. Whether you want to perfect your current Spanish skills or learn the language from scratch, we have a course for you.

Our assessment tests ensure that every student is placed in the class best suited to their language needs, with students at a similar language proficiency level. Each class is tailored to accommodate every student, while our talented teachers aim to create a fun-filled and effective learning environment.

Emily Lau got a strong recommendation to go to Sprachcaffe. She loved the location and the staff!

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Anna particularly enjoyed the activities and the staff. Read about her experience here.

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Part-time Course

10 lessons per week
Minimum duration: one week
Maximum 10 students

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Standard Course

20 lessons per week
Minimum duration: one week
Maximum 10 students

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Standard Evening Course

20 lessons per week
Minimum duration: one week
Maximum 10 students

One-to-One Course

Also available online
5 days per week / 2 lessons daily

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Exam preparation

DELE exam preparation
20 lessons per week
Maximum 10 students
Duration: 8 weeks
Exam fee not included

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Study club

Lesson recap
Homework assistance
No extra cost
Twice a week

Standard Course for Academic Purposes

20 lessons per week
Maximum 10 students

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Part-time Evening Course

10 lessons per week
From 17:00 to 18:30
Maximum 10 students

Please Note:

  • 1 Lesson = 45 minutes
  • Part-time courses are available all year round
  • Courses are offered to students 18 years and older, students over the age of 16 will be considered upon request.


At Sprachcaffe we know that the accommodation students choose plays a fundamental role in a memorable language and travel experience. In Madrid we offer a range of accommodation options to suit every individual’s unique preferences, ensuring an enjoyable learning experience in Spain’s capital city.

Whether you live with a local family or other language students, you'll have plenty of opportunities to practise your Spanish.


  • Single room
  • Half board (full board also available)
  • Shared bathroom/kitchen
  • Free WiFi
  • Max. 30 minutes from the school


  • Shared bathroom, kitchen, lounge room and laundry room
  • Free WiFi


  • In the city centre
  • International flatmates share kitchen/bathrooms
  • Weekly cleaning
  • Free WiFi

*Residence only available with BB

Please note:

Check in time for apartments and homestays is 14:00 to 22:00.

For the residence, check in is 10:00 to 23:00 and check out is before 10:00.

Activities in Madrid

Get to know the Spanish capital in the heart of the country with a language study trip to Madrid! The spirited metropolis is considered the centre of culture, music and fashion. If you want to understand the Spanish way of life, Madrid is the place to be. The city never sleeps: everywhere in the street cafés, bars and discos, the Madrileños chat and dance, celebrating themselves and their beautiful city. Whether you want to see the sights or sit comfortably in a café, it won't be difficult to make contact with the spirited and cosmopolitan Spaniards.

Overview of activities in Madrid


Placement test / First language lessons

Getting to know the group

Free time


Spanish language course

Madrid city tour

Free time


Spanish language course

Free time

Tapas tour


Spanish language course

Excursion to the Palacio Real

Free time


Spanish language course

Free time

Night out in Madrid


Excursion: Toledo (full day)


Excursion: Salamanca (full day)

We would like to point out that the activities in our sample week are only recommendations for the course of a language study trip in Madrid. The excursions, times and activities may vary and incur costs of €10-50.

The most exiting sights in Madrid

Fuente de Cibeles

This beautiful fountain is located in Plaza de Cibles and is the symbol of the city. By this fountain is a sculpture, namely two lions and a goddess. This artistic monument is worth a visit!

Museo del Prado

This museum is the most important national art museum in Spain. Here you will find the world's best collections of European art from the 12th to the 20th century. You can visit it in the centre of Madrid.

Plaza de la Villa

The Plaza de la Villa is an urban square in the centre of Madrid and is one of the most important medieval centres in Madrid. One of the most striking buildings here is definitely the Town Hall, which dates back to 1644.

Travel guide Spanien

Discover all the highlights of Spain in our travel guide!

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Tourism in Madrid

Madrid is Spain’s capital city and offers a fusion of contemporary chic and historical splendor. The city offers a huge variety of museums, art galleries and uniquely Spanish architecture, while it is also recognized for its  massive influence on the world’s fashion and music scenes. Madrid is an ever-changing destination with a lively atmosphere, laid-back way of life and a hip nightlife topped off by the exuberance of the Spanish.

Tourist attractions in Madrid:

Royal Palace of Madrid – The Palacio Real de Madrid is used for state ceremonies and is the official residence of the Spanish Royal family. The palace offers visitors the chance to experience the delight of Spanish architecture first hand.

Market of San Miguel – One of Madrid’s oldest and most beautiful markets. Visitors are spoilt for choice, with everything from one of a kind crafts to famous Spanish delicacies.

Casa de Campo – Situated in the west of the city center, this 1700 hectare park is the largest urban park in Spain and was formerly a royal hunting ground for the royal family. A teleferico (cable car) carries visitors to the Casa de Campo and over the beautiful city of Madrid.

Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum – This exquisite art museum displays beautiful works of art spanning several eras from all over the world.

El Escorial – The historical residence of the King of Spain is the most important architectural monument of the Spanish Renaissance.

Culture in Madrid

Madrid is brimming with a rich culture stemming from a rich tradition of artistry and a love for theater rarely seen elsewhere. The city is home to a number of palaces, museums, art galleries, cathedrals and theaters that will enthrall every cultue vulture. The El Rastro open-air Sunday markets also present the region’s unique and dynamic ambience, offering everything from local delicacies to antiques and crafts.

Enjoy the spectacular Retiro Gardens, the Cultural Summer festival as well as Carnaval and frequent flamenco shows. Don't miss the Plaza Mayor, Royal Palace and the El Prado Museum. The San Isidro bullfighting show is the perfect event to see the ancient sport of bullfighting.

Shopping in Madrid

The many open-air markets in Madrid offer an incredible range of goods, and you can find almost anything if you know where to look. The city’s range of high end fashion boutiques are contrasted by Madrid’s local craft shops and delicatessens.

While in Madrid, it is wise to remember the Spaniards' laid back way of life and siesta tradition. Most shops are closed in the afternoon for locals to get respite from Madrid’s hot climate.

Nightlife in Madrid

Madrid is full of trendy cafes, restaurants, cocktail bars and nightclubs that will get every visitor moving to the Spanish rhythm. But if dancing isn’t on the cards, tourists can relax, enjoy the vibe and sip on a refreshing sangria, cava or a locally-brewed beer.

Prices & Booking

Sprachcaffe offers some of the most cost-effective language courses around and our Spanish courses in Madrid are no exception. Take a Spanish course in Madrid and absorb the language and the culture while investing in a lifelong skill.

Our courses are led by qualified, talented and friendly teachers who combine their native knowledge of the language with Sprachcaffe’s creative and unique teaching methods. Choose the course for your language goals, the accommodation option you prefer and the duration of your stay, while we tailor-make a package to suit your individual needs.

Services included

From Sprachcaffe you get an all-round carefree package. Everything you need for a successful language stay is included in the price. Whether it's: arrival as well as excursions, accommodation, language course, teaching materials, language certificate and of course a priceless memory.

All inclusive services at a glance

Our Spanish courses include:

  • A placement test ensuring students are placed into the appropriate class with students at a similar language proficiency level.
  • The chosen language course taught by qualified, talented and friendly teachers.
  • The chosen accommodation type for the duration of the course.
  • Course certificate upon completion of the language course.

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