The animals in Spanish

When you travel to Spanish-speaking countries, knowing the names of animals is useful for interacting with the local people, understanding the local wildlife and enjoying more enriching travel experiences. In addition, knowing the names of animals in Spanish allows you to speak and understand the world around you better. On this page you will learn the names of animals in Spanish organized by categories. Ready to expand your vocabulary?


Spanish English
Perro Dog
Gato Cat
Pez Fish
Hámster Hamster
Cobaya Guinea pig
Conejo Rabbit
Pájaro Bird
Tortuga Turtle
Lagarto Lizard
Serpiente Snake
Loro Parrot
Rata Rat
Hurón Ferret

Farm animals

Spanish English
Vaca Cow
Caballo Horse
Oveja Sheep
Cerdo Pig
Pollo Chicken
Ganso Goose
Pato Duck
Conejo Rabbit
Burro Donkey
Gallo Rooster
Pavo Turkey
Llama Llama
Alpaca Alpaca
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Forest animals

Spanish English
Ciervo Deer
Zorro Fox
Ardilla Squirrel
Mapache Raccoon
Zorrillo Skunk
Owl Owl
Pájaro carpintero Woodpecker
Liebre Hare
Tejón Badger
Oso Bear
Coyote Coyote
Lobo Wolf
Alce Moose
Lince rojo Bobcat
Lince Lynx
Puercoespín Porcupine
Jabalí Wild boar
Visón Mink


Spanish English
Hormiga Ant
Abeja Bee
Mariposa Butterfly
Cucaracha Cockroach
Saltamontes Grasshopper
Mariquita Ladybug
Mosquito Mosquito
Mantis religiosa Praying Mantis
Escorpión Scorpion
Araña Spider
Termita Termite
Avispa Wasp
Polilla Moth
Polilla Dragonfly
Escarabajo Beetle
Avispón Hornet

Animals of Africa

Spanish English
León Lion
Elefante Elephant
Jirafa Giraffe
Hipopótamo Hippopotamus
Rinoceronte Rhinoceros
Cebra Zebra
Guepardo Cheetah
Hiena Hyena
Gacela Gazelle
Mono Monkey
Jabalí Warthog
Búfalo Buffalo
Babuino Baboon
Cocodrilo Crocodile
Suricata Meerkat
Ñu Wildebeest
Chacal Jackal

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To learn the vocabulary of animals more easily we recommend that you create a vocabulary notebook where you write down the name of the animals in Spanish along with a brief description of them. It can also be very useful to visit zoos, in our language trips you can do very interesting activities while practicing the language, take a look at our courses!

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