Weather in Spanish

Talking about the weather is a common conversation in many cultures. Learning to do so in Spanish allows you to interact in everyday situations and socialize with native speakers. In addition, understanding local weather forecasts and knowing how to talk about the weather is essential for planning activities and packing the right clothes for your trip to Spanish-speaking countries. Let's learn to describe the weather together!

Climatic conditions and climatic elements

Climatic conditions Translation Climate elements Translation
El tiempo Weather Sol Sun
Soleado Sunny Nubes Clouds
Nublado Cloudy Lluvia Rain
Lluvioso Rainy Nieve Snow
Nevado Snowy Viento Wind
Ventoso Windy Rayos Lightning
Húmedo Humid Truenos Thunder
Despejado Clear Arco iris Rainbow
Tormenta Storm Granizo Hail
Niebla Fog Rocío Dew


  • Calor - Heat
  • Frío - Cold
  • Temperatura - Temperature
  • Grados - Degrees
  • Helado - Freezing
  • Fresco - Cool
  • Cálido - Warm
  • Caluroso - Hot
  • Congelado - Icy
  • Templado - Mild
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The units of measurement

Spanish English
Grado Celsius Celsius degree
Grado Fahrenheit Fahrenheit degree
Centígrados Celsius
Termómetro Thermometer
Termómetro de mercurio Mercury thermometer

Seasons of the year

Spanish English
Primavera Spring
Verano Summer
Otoño Fall
Invierno Winter

Useful expressions to describe the weather

  1. ¿Cómo está el tiempo? - How's the weather?
  2. Hace buen tiempo - The weather is nice
  3. Hace mal tiempo - The weather is bad
  4. Está nublado - It's cloudy
  5. Va a llover - It's going to rain
  6. Hay tormenta - There's a storm
  7. Está nevando - It's snowing
  8. Hace viento - It's windy
  9. El pronóstico del tiempo - Weather forecast
  10. ¿Qué temperatura hace? - What's the temperature?
  11. Está soleado - It's sunny

Prognosticate the weather in Spanish with Sprachcaffe

This vocabulary will help you talk about the weather and understand weather conditions in Spanish. You can use these words and phrases in everyday conversations, when planning outdoor activities, or when consulting weather forecasts. To learn weather vocabulary, we recommend that you create a weather diary where you write down the weather conditions each day to help you practice and remember the vocabulary. In addition, with Sprachcaffe you can immerse yourself in a Spanish-speaking environment to improve your weather conversation skills.

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