The parts of the Spanish house

If you are planning to visit a Spanish-speaking country or move to one, it is essential that you have a good knowledge of the vocabulary of home. In addition, the home is a common topic of conversation in everyday life. Learning this vocabulary will allow you to talk about your home, ask questions about other people's homes and participate in housing-related conversations. With these vocabulary lists you can easily expand your vocabulary. Ready?

The bedroom and the office

The bedroom Translation The office Translation
Cama Bed Escritorio Desk
Sábana Sheet Silla de oficina Office chair
Almohada Pillow Ordenador Computer
Manta Blanket Archivador File cabinet
Armario Closet Impresora Printer
Mesita de noche Nightstand Teléfono Phone
Lámpara Lamp Lámpara de escritorio Desk lamp
Espejo Mirror Papelería Stationery
Cuadro Picture Estantería Shelf
Ventana Window Cuaderno Notebook

The dining room

Spanish English
Mesa de comedor Dining table
Sillas Chairs
Mantel Tablecloth
Vajilla Dinnerware
Copas Glasses
Cubiertos Silverware
Servilletas Napkins
Candelabro Chandelier

The living room

Spanish English
Sofá Sofa
Sillón Armchair
Mesa de centro Coffee table
Televisión Television
Estantería Bookshelf
Alfombra Rug
Cortinas Curtains
Lámpara de pie Floor lamp
Decoración Decor
Ventilador de techo Ceiling fan
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The kitchen

  • La cocina: Stove
  • El frigorífico: refrigerator
  • Fregadero: Sink
  • Horno: Oven
  • Microondas: Microwave
  • Lavavajillas: Dishwasher
  • Mesa: Table
  • Silla: Chair
  • Utensilios de cocina: Cookware
  • Cubiertos: Cutlery

Bathroom and garden

The bathroom Translation The terrace and the garden Translation
Inodoro Toilet Mesas de jardín Patio table
Lavabo Sink Sillas de jardín Patio chairs
Bañera Bathtub Sombrilla Umbrella
Ducha Shower Barbacoa Barbecue
Espejo Mirror Plantas Plants
Toalla Towel Macetas Pots
Jabón Soap Hamaca Hammock
Champú Shampoo Linterna Lantern
Cepillo de dientes Toothbrush Cojines Cushions
Pasta de dientes Toothpaste Jardín Garden

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Learning Spanish house vocabulary allows you to communicate more effectively in everyday situations, improves your independence in a Spanish-speaking environment, enriches your cultural and travel experience, and contributes to the development of your Spanish language skills. To learn the vocabulary of the house we recommend that you use the vocabulary you learn in real-life situations, such as describing your home, writing a shopping list for household items or writing about your decorating preferences. If you have any questions or need more examples, feel free to contact us or visit our Spanish courses.

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