Spanish medical vocabulary

When traveling to a Spanish-speaking country it is essential that you know the basic medical vocabulary to be able to communicate your concerns in times of illness and stress. With Sprachcaffe you can learn the medical vocabulary lists you will need whether you want to work in the medical field in a Spanish-speaking country or need medical care on your trip.

Hospital employees

Spanish English
Doctor Doctor
Enfermero/a Nurse
Cirujano/a Surgeon
Anestesista Anesthesiologist
Pediatra Pediatrician
Cardiólogo Cardiologist
Radiólogo Radiologist
Farmacéutico/a Pharmacist
Terapeuta físico/a Physical Therapist
Psicólogo/a Psychologist
Recepcionista Receptionist
Paramédico/a Paramedic
Nutricionista Nutritionist

Hospital wards

Spanish English
Sala de emergencias Emergency Room
Sala de operaciones Operating Room
Unidad de cuidados intensivos (UCI) Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
Sala de partos Delivery Room
Consultorio médico Doctor's Office
Laboratorio Laboratory
Farmacia Pharmacy
Sala de espera Waiting Room
Sala de radiología Radiology Room
Sala de rehabilitación Rehabilitation Room
Quirófano Operating Theater
Sala de observación Observation Room
Sala de curas Treatment Room
Habitación de paciente Patient Room
Vestíbulo Lobby

The emergency room terms in Spanish

Emergencies Translation Emergencies Translation
Emergencia Emergency Fractura Fracture
Llamada de emergencia Emergency call Convulsiones Seizures
Servicios de emergencia Emergency services Intoxicación alimentaria Food poisoning
Ambulancia Ambulance Pérdida de conciencia Loss of consciousness
Paramédico Paramedic Esguince Sprain
Hospital Hospital Choque anafiláctico Anaphylactic shock
Herida Wound Desmayo Fainting
Sangrado Bleeding Accidente cerebrovascular (ACV) Stroke
Paro cardíaco Cardiac arrest Rescate Rescue
Reanimación cardiopulmonar (RCP) Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) Botiquín de primeros auxilios First aid kit
Shock Shock Evacuación Evacuation
Quemadura Burn Camilla Stretcher
Envenenamiento Poisoning Triage Triage
Dificultad respiratoria Breathing difficulty Socorrista Rescuer
Dolor en el pecho Chest pain Teléfono de emergencia Emergency phone

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Medical instruments

  • Estetoscopio - Stethoscope
  • Termómetro - Thermometer
  • Jeringa - Syringe
  • Fonendoscopio - Phonendoscope
  • Escalpelo - Scalpel
  • Monitor de signos vitales - Vital Signs Monitor
  • Rayos X - X-ray
  • Ecografía - Ultrasound
  • Resonancia magnética - Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Electrocardiograma (ECG) - Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Sonda - Probe
  • Mascarilla de oxígeno - Oxygen Mask
  • Esfigmomanómetro (tensiómetro) - Blood Pressure Cuff
  • Microscopio - Microscope
  • Catéter - Catheter

Example of a conversation between a patient and an emergency room doctor

Paciente (Patient): Hola, me siento mal. (Hello, I don't feel well.)

Enfermero/a (Doctor): ¡Hola! ¿Qué te pasa? (Hello! What's going on?)

Paciente (Patient): Tengo dolor en el pecho y me duele la cabeza. (I have chest pain and a headache.)

Enfermero/a (Doctor): ¿Hace cuánto tiempo que tienes estos síntomas? (How long have you had these symptoms?)

Paciente (Patient): Comenzaron hace aproximadamente una hora. (They started about an hour ago.)

Enfermero/a (Doctor): ¿Tienes alguna alergia a medicamentos o condiciones médicas previas que debamos saber? (Do you have any allergies to medications or pre-existing medical conditions we should be aware of?)

Paciente (Patient): No, no soy alérgico a nada, pero tengo antecedentes de hipertensión. (No, I'm not allergic to anything, but I have a history of hypertension.)

Enfermero/a (Doctor): Gracias por la información. Estamos aquí para ayudarte. Por favor, siéntate y te haremos un electrocardiograma y algunos análisis de sangre. (Thank you for the information. We are here to help you. Please have a seat, and we'll perform an electrocardiogram and some blood tests.)

Paciente (Patient): Gracias. (Thank you.)

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Learning medical vocabulary in Spanish can be a challenge, but with dedication and focus, it is entirely possible. We recommend that to learn medical vocabulary you watch some of your favorite medical-related series in Spanish. In addition, taking general Spanish courses will also help you improve your language skills and better understand the structure of the language. If you have any questions or need more examples, feel free to contact us or visit our Spanish courses.

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