Cuba travel guide

Quick facts

Capital city: Havana
Form of state: Republic
Citizen count: 11.238.317
Police emergency calls: 106
Emergency fire engine calls: 105
Country code for calls: +53
Circuitry voltage: 110 or 220 Volts

Witness this breath-taking Caribbean island surrounded by beautiful beaches and nature reserves.Learn Spanish in the fascinating city of Havana. This tropical country is known for its energetic locals, authentic cuisine and a romantic musical scene that is famous for captivating its visitor. Cuba is the ideal destination to learn the romantic Spanish language with passion and energy fueling every aspect of this stunning Caribbean island.

The Cuban history, culture and heritage will enthral every visitor while spoiling them for choice, with an endless number of tourist attractions to visit. Allow the unique rhythm of Havana to inspire you while you learn a lifelong language skill, create unforgettable memories and meet friends who will experience this incredible journey with you. Spanish courses in Cuba are becoming a popular choice among students when deciding where to learn Spanish. Many people jump at the opportunity to see this fascinating Caribbean island; and improve their ability to speak Spanish. But don't just take our word for it, experience all of this for yourself during one of our Spanish courses in Cuba!The home of passionate rhythms, rum, cigars and classic cars offers a diverse tropical landscape that thrives in a wonderful, subtropical climate. The many charming towns and cities filled with colonial architecture, bars, restaurants and museums, boast a rich artistic and cultural heritage.

This Caribbean island offers a wide diversity of cultures; music and dance being major factors. Mambo, Rumba, Salsa or the Cha Cha Cha are just some of the many popular local dances. Cuba is also known for its literary enthusiasts which holds a particular significance to Cubans. Students are encouraged to spend their free time absorbing the culture and exploring the wonders of their surroundings. Our students are also awarded with endless opportunities to hear the Spanish language in its natural everyday use in an environment which fuels a passion for everything Spanish. The welcoming Cuban community coupled with Havana’s exquisite landscapes will leave every student inspired to learn the language and embrace the laid-back lifestyle.