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Cubans are very strict about their local laws and regulations due to being afraid of sanctions. Being topless at the beach is considered taboo for Cubans, you can do so only at the beaches of hotels/resorts. Children are forbidden to beg but may do so when in the presence of tourists, we advise that you do not give them money.

Hints and tips

There is virtually no Wi-Fi access in most areas, purchasing an internet card is preferable. Waiters aren't paid well and often receive their salary in “peso Cubano” which holds very little value. Therefore tipping is customary and has become the unofficial salary. 

Short dictionary





Good morning!

¡Buenos días!

Good afternoon!

¡Buenas tardes!



How are you?

¿Como estas?

Good, thank you!

¡Bien, gracias!

And you?

¿Y tu?

(Many) Thanks!

¡(Muchas) gracias!

You're welcome/No problem!

¡Con mucho gusto!

Good night!

¡Buenas noches!

See you later!

¡Hasta más tarde!



I am lost

Estoy perdida

Do you need help?

¿Puedo ayudarte o necesitas ayuda?

Could you help me?

¿Disculpe, puede ayudarme?

Where is the bathroom/the pharmacy?

¿Donde esta el baño/la farmacia?

Do you speak (English)?

¿Disculpe, usted habla (inglés)?

My name is …

Me llamo …


Cuba tour with Sprachcaffe

Cuba tour with Sprachcaffe

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