Long-term Italian Language Courses

Learn the Italian language with language stays from 3 months.

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Long term Italian language courses

A Romance language closely related to Spanish, Portuguese and French, Italian is the official language of four different countries, including Italy and Switzerland, as well as several state territories in Slovenia and Croatia.

As one of the most historically exciting countries in Europe, Italy is a wonder of art, culture and history. For your long-term language course choose our school in Florence and have the educational adventure of a lifetime!


Spend your long term language course in Florence, a city with rustic beauty and traditional Italian charm

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Experience the unique culture of your chosen destination and meet new friends. The experience of a lifetime awaits you!

Learn Italian

With our long term language courses you will learn Italian with our tried-and-tested methods and practice your skills both inside and outside the classroom!

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During our personal consultation we will solve any of your doubts and create an individual offer for you.

Our language schools in Italy


Life-changing Italian language course
School located in a beautiful 19th century building
Heart of Tuscany

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Useful information at a glance
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Events, culture, and more

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Pasta, pizza, gelato and learn Italian!

Travel to the breathtaking Italy and learn one of the most fascinating languages there are! Decide whether you want to do a standard or an intensive course and study with students from all over the world!

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