Write better in English

A good way to improve your English writing style is to read a lot. When you read in English, you will come across many different sentence structures, expand your vocabulary, and develop a better writing style in English. Specific writing exercises, such as creative writing, are also useful. This will help you get better with every text you write in English. With the right learning strategy to write better in English, you will soon be able to write wonderful texts in English.

Tips to help you learn to write better in English

Work on your grammar

Good English grammar can help make your English writing more understandable. You can also play with different English structures when you write in English. Good grammar skills give you more freedom when writing in English and you can better put down on paper what you really want to say.

Use synonyms

There is nothing more boring for your readers if you use the same English words over and over again in your texts. This diminishes the interest in your texts and does not motivate your readers. Instead, you should use synonyms of frequently used words in your texts. This adds variety to your English writing style and makes your sentences exciting and unpredictable.

Learn phrases and idioms

Make a list of the most common expressions and phrases in the English language and try to incorporate them into your English writing. With the help of these expressions, your written English will be more varied and your texts will be more exciting.

Do writing exercises

Your English writing style can only improve if you write English texts often. Write English emails, create summaries of texts you have read before, or keep a diary in English. The more you write in English, the better you will become at writing in English.

Your learning strategy: How to learn to read in English

There are a number of learning strategies you can use to improve your reading comprehension in English. For your learning strategy, it is important that you study the content of the text, the words used, and the grammatical structures of the text. For this reason, we recommend that you use the active reading learning strategy. In this learning strategy you will intensively study the content of the text. In the following, we will show you some methods that you can use to implement the learning strategy of active reading.

Read English texts with highlighter

When you read a text in English, you should always have a highlighter handy. You can use it to mark the words you don't know yet. After your reading phase, you can go back through the pages you've read and write out the words you've marked.

The best way to learn these words over the next few days is to use the "spaced repetition" learning method to expand your English vocabulary. Of course, you can also mark grammatical structures that still cause you problems and repeat grammar later.

Multimedia reading

Multimedia reading is about combining different media to achieve the best possible learning experience. For example, you can read English song lyrics while listening to music, or activate subtitles while watching English movies or series.

However, the most effective way is to combine audiobooks and printed books. You simply read the book of your choice and listen to the audiobook at the same time. This way you can speed up your reading and hear the pronunciation of English words at the same time.

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