Improve English listening

Good English listening comprehension is an important part of your language learning. However, when you are learning English as a foreign language, it can be difficult to understand everything that is being said. We'll give you some tips and strategies that will help you improve your English listening comprehension.

Whether you're preparing for an English test, want to do better at work or study, or just want to have more fun watching English movies and series, these tips will help you improve your ability to understand spoken English.

Your learning strategy: How to improve your listening comprehension in the English language

We will help you set your learning goals and develop a strategy based on your previously set learning goals. Below you will find some sample learning objectives that you can use to improve your English listening comprehension. In addition, we give you an approach for your learning strategy. You should build on this learning strategy. Then nothing can stand in the way of a better English listening comprehension.

Understand everyday pronunciation better: Listen to podcasts that improve your English listening comprehension.

Better understand accents: Each accent of the English language usually has a specific vocabulary as well. If you want to understand a specific accent better, you should learn the vocabulary of that accent. Also, you should look at the typical characteristics of the English accent you want to understand better and try to understand and recognize in spoken English.

Better follow English movies: There are two simple approaches to this learning goal. First, you should always activate the subtitle. This will help you to check your listening comprehension in English. Second, you can watch movies you already know. With these movies you already know the plot and you can better concentrate on listening comprehension in English.

Expand your vocabulary: Listening comprehension in English also depends on your vocabulary. The more words you know, the easier it will be to follow the spoken English. We also help you with vocabulary learning. When learning English vocabulary to improve your listening comprehension, you should also focus on pronunciation and listen to the spoken word.

As you can see, there are several approaches to each goal. The important thing is to keep at it and listen to as many different English sources as possible. Then your English can only get better.

Tips for better English listening

Listening to English music

Listening to English music can help you improve your listening comprehension. It's best to read the lyrics at the same time as you listen to the English music. This way, you can check yourself immediately and see if you really understood the English pronunciation. You can easily find your favorite music genre and start learning English listening comprehension with music!

Learn the phonetic spelling

The best way to learn the basic rules of English phonetics. Phonetics will help you not only to improve your English pronunciation, but also to understand the spoken English word. If you know English phonetics, you will be able to better understand the individual sounds of the English language. This will ultimately help you to understand spoken English quickly.

Help to improve your English listening comprehension

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