Table of 100 important French verbs

On this page you will find a list of the most important and common verbs in the French language. For better learning, here are some tips that will surely help you learn them:

Repetition: Repeat the same words every day until you memorize them.
Context: Try to put the vocabulary into context by writing short sentences or texts that contain the words.
Flashcards: Use flashcards to practice vocabulary. Write the French word on the front and its translation on the back.
Oral expression: Practice pronouncing the vocabulary aloud.
Variety: Practice using vocabulary in different ways, e.g. in writing, speaking, in sentences, etc.
Integrate: Try to integrate the vocabulary into your daily life by using it in conversation or in writing.

Now is the time to learn the regular and irregular verbs in French. We wish you a lot of fun and good luck in learning!

List of French verbs from 1 to 50

English French English French
Be être Take Prendre
Have Avoir Show Montrer
Do Faire Hear Entendre
Say Dire Play Jouer
Go Aller Run l Courir
Make Faire Move Bouger
Know Savoir Live Vivre
Get Obenir Spend Dépenser
Think Penser Bring Apporter
See Voir Begin Commencer
Come Venir Hold Tenir
Look Regarder Write Ecrire
Want Vouloir Listen Ecouter
Give Donner Sit S'asseoir
Use Utiliser Set Fixer
Find Trouver Meet Rencontrer
Tell Dire Learn Apprendre
Ask Demander Keep Garder
Work Travailler Grow Croître
Seem Sembler Fly Voler
Feel Sentir Drive Conduire
Try Essayer Draw Dessiner
Leave Quitter Dance Danser
Call Appeler Cut Couper
Help Aider Cook Cuisiner

Effectively learn French vocabulary

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List of French verbs from 51 to 100

English French English French
Close Fermer Walk Marcher
Climb Grimper Annoy Ennuyer
Choose Choisir Rant Râler
Carry Transporter Throw Lancer
Build Construire Eat Manger
Break Casser Drink Boire
Book Réserver Like Aimer
Blow Souffler Dream Rever
Bite Mordre Hope Espérer
Bend Courber believe Croire
Become Devenir Talk Parler
Beat Battre Teach Enseigner
Bear Produire Struggle Lutter
Read Lire Travel Voyage
Reach Atteindre Fight Se battre
Pull Tirer Be able Pouvoir
Push Pousser Put Mettre
Open Ouvrir Find Trouver
Offer Offrir Laugh Rire
Need Avoir besoin Smile Sourire
Pay Payer Understand Comprendre
Pass Passer Die Mourir
Lose Perdre Stay Rester
Lead Mener Explain Expliquer
Jump Sauter Show Montrer

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