Food in French: Learn French Vocabulary by Topic

Build your basic French vocabulary with us. Just use our themed French vocabulary lists and learn with them. You can jot them down on post-it notes and learn them using the spaced repetition vocabulary-learning method, or you can stay on this page and learn French food vocabulary.

It is important to acquire a basic vocabulary from the start of learning French. If you don't have enough vocabulary, you will always reach your limits when it comes to expressing yourself in French. Start now to learn French vocabulary on specific topics and expand your vocabulary.

We hope you enjoy learning!

Fruits in English with French translation

English French English French
Apple Pomme Kiwi Kiwi
Orange Orange Melon Melon
Banana Banane Papaya Papaye
Pineapple Ananas Plum Prune
Grape Raisin Apricot Abricot
Strawberry Fraise Pomegranate Grenade
Raspberry Framboise Blackberry Mûres
Blueberry Myrtille Fig Figue
Cherry Cerise Starfruit Pamplemousse
Peach Pèche Cranberry Canneberge
Mango Mangue Gooseberry Groseille
Lemon Citron Grapefruit Pamplemousse
Lime Citron vert    

Vegetables in English with French translation

English French English French
Potato Pomme de terre Cabbage Chou
Carrot Carrote Leek Poireau
Broccoli Brocoli Artichoke Artichaut
Cauliflower Chou-fleur Asparagus Asperges
Bell pepper Poivron Avocado Avocat
Onion Oignon Carrot Carrote
Garlic Ail Mushroom Champignon
Cucumber Concombre Peas Pois
Eggplant Aubergine Sweet potato Patate douce
Squash Courge Turnip Navet
Zucchini Courgette Parsnip Panais
Tomato Tomate Butternut squash Courge butternut
Beet Betterave Brussels sprouts Choux de Bruxelles
Radish Radis Rhubarb Rhubarbe
Lettuce Salade    

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Dairy products and meats in English with French translation

Dairy products(English) Produits laitiers(French) Meats(English) Viandes(French)
Milk Lait Beef Bœuf
Cheese Fromage Pork Porc
Butter Beurre Chicken Poulet
Yogurt Yaourt Turkey Dinde
Cream Crème Lamb Agneau
Cottage cheese Fromage blanc Duck Canard
Ice cream Glaces Sausage Saucisse
Whipping cream Crème à fouetter Bacon Bacon
Sour cream Crème fraîche Ham Jambon
Ricotta cheese Ricotta Steak Steak
Cream cheese Fromage blanc Ground beef Bœuf haché
Parmesan cheese Parmesan Ribs Côtes
Feta cheese Feta Pork chops Côtelettes de porc
Swiss cheese Fromage suisse Roast beef Rôti de bœuf

Sweets and beverages in English with French translation

Sweets(English) Sucreries(French) Drinks(English) Boissons(French)
Candy Bonbons Sparkling water Eau gazeuse
Chocolate Chocolat Water Eau
Cookies Cookies Coffee Café
Hard candy Bonbons durs Tea Thé
Ice cream Glaces Juice Jus
Doughnut Beignet Soda Soda
Cake Gâteau Beer Bière
Wafers Gaufres Wine Vin
Lollipop Sucette Lemonade Limonade
Jelly beans Bonbons gélifiés Iced tea Thé glacé
Caramel Caramel Smoothie Smoothie
Biscuits Biscuits Orange juice Jus d'orange
Licorice Réglisse Grape juice Jus de raisin
Gummy bears Nounours Hot Chocolate Chocolat chaud
Chocolates Chocolats Apple juice Jus de pomme

Breakfast foods in English with French translation

English French English French
Oatmeal Flocons d'avoine Coffee Café
Pancakes Crêpes Tea Thé
Ham Jambon Smoothie Smoothie
Waffles Gaufres Granola bar Barre de céréales
Cereal Céréales Cream cheese Fromage blanc
Fruit Fruit Juice Jus
Toast Tartines Scrambled eggs Œufs brouillés
Eggs Oeufs Hashbrowns Pommes de terre rissolées
Bacon Bacon Chia pudding Pudding au chia
Sausage Saucisse    

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