Animals: Learn French vocabulary by topic

With the help of our subject-specific vocabulary lists, you can easily expand your French vocabulary. When creating the vocabulary lists, we made sure to classify them by topic. Here's how you can learn new French vocabulary by topic. This will help you memorize French vocabulary from the lists.

The list of animals is ideal for building a basic vocabulary in French. The best way to learn French vocabulary relating to animals is to write it down on post-it notes and learn it with the die-cut repetition learning method.

We hope you enjoy learning!

Pets in French

English French
Dog Chien
Cat Chat
Fish Poisson
Hamster Hamster
Guinea pig Cochon d'Inde
Rabbit Lapin
Bird Oiseau
Turtle Tortue
Lizard Lézard
Snake Serpent
Parrot Perroquet
Rat Rat
Ferret Furet

Farm animals in French

English French
Cow Vache
Horse Cheval
Sheep Mouton
Pig Cochon
Chicken Poule
Goose Oie
Duck Canard
Rabbit Lapin
Donkey Âne
Goat Chèvre
Rooster Coq
Turkey Dinde
Llama Lama
Alpaca Alpaga

Animals of the forest in French

English French
Deer Chevreuil
Fox Renard
Squirrel Écureuil
Raccoon Raton laveur
Skunk Stinktier
Owl Hibou
Woodpecker Pivert
Hare Lièvre
Badger Blaireau
Bear Ours
Coyote Coyote
Wolf Loup
Moose Élan
Bobcat Lynx roux
Lynx Lynx
Porcupine Porc-épic
Wild boar Sanglier
Mink Fusain

Insects in French

English French
Ant Fourmi
Bee Abeille
Butterfly Papillon
Cockroach Cafard
Grasshopper Sauterelle
Ladybug Coccinelle
Mosquito Moustique
Praying Mantis Mante religieuse
Scorpion Scorpion
Spider Araignée
Termite Termite
Wasp Guêpe
Moth Mite
Dragonfly Libellule
Beetle Scarabée
Hornet Frelon

African animals in French

English French
Lion Lion
Elephant Elephant
Giraffe Girafe
Hippopotamus Hippopotame
Rhinoceros Rhinocéros
Zebra Zèbre
Cheetah Guépard
Hyena Hyène
Gazelle Gazelle
Monkey Singe
Warthog Phacochère
Buffalo Buffle
Baboon Pavian
Crocodile Crocodile
Meerkat Suricate
Wildebeest Gnou
Jackal Chacal

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