Activity-filled holidays in Bournemouth!

Whether you're looking for personal time out, holidays for couples, travel groups or all round fun for families and children, Bournemouth is exceptionally well equipped for catering to everyone's desires. It is a secret gem when it comes to holiday travel and you’re about to find out why you don’t need to think twice about planning your next trip there.

Everything to do with water

You can never get enough of H2o? Neither can Bournemouth! There are water activities of all kinds and for all tastes, regardless of whether you enjoy immersing yourself completely in the sea or staying entirely dry while surrounding yourself with beautifully clear blue water. From surfing and jet skis to snorkeling and diving, you name it, Bournemouth has it. These are of course only a few of the water sports that you can take part in whilst staying in Bournemouth. Many more splashing adventures await you when you get there! If you are not a fan of swim suits, waves and sand beneath your feet, fear not, because you can still enjoy the fascinating sights that a trip underwater could give you without needing to plunge yourself into water or sand. The large Oceanarium is the perfect place for doing just that. During your visit you can discover the lives of countless sea creatures you’ll want to adore and admire within the shimmering water above and all around you.  

Explore the English Gardens

Bournemouth might seem like all water and beach, but nature and greenery lovers will not be disappointed. The town’s luxurious gardens remind of exotic plantations and parks with abundant plant life all around. Be surprised by each new corner and turn of the town in which you will stumble upon more and more beautiful green spots to relax and admiring your surroundings in. The English Gardens of Bournemouth are also the perfect location for people who want to capture this gorgeous scenery with their cameras. If you are interested in seeing nature from an even wilder side, you simply must venture into the New Forest in which you will find not only vast amounts of untouched natural grounds, but also wild horses, free roaming cows and other animals that inhabit the forest. These grounds are rich with wonderful sights behind each bush and tree. Many people who are local to the UK never cease marveling at this large and beautiful piece of land, which is why we recommend that you give it a visit at least once.

Fame in Bournemouth

The scenery in Bournemouth can be described as magical to behold. People usually associate magic and fantasy with some of the most famous works of literature in the world, one of them being The Lord of the Rings series of novels. J.R.R. Tolkien, the author of said series, is often considered the father of modern fantasy and fictional creatures common in today’s fantasy works. Something that is not so commonly known about him is that he lived in Bournemouth before he died. Even though Bournemouth is filled with many exciting activities, it once was and still very much is a place that you can very comfortably relax in, which is why Tolkien chose to move to this marvelous town in his later years. Very much in contrast to the famous author, Andy Summers also lived in Bournemouth. As people know, his life was a lot less quiet, but he too is not necessarily associated with Bournemouth as much as he should be. Bournemouth often expressed pride for being the town that Andy Summers grew up in when he was younger. His many awards in the music industry have made him a famous figure around the world and Bournemouth showcases landmarks and locations in which he was active during his time there.  

Active day and night!

Day times are best spent by taking part in the countless activities that Bournemouth has to offer. Try out the entire palette of possibilities by visiting the arcade, the all year ice skating rink and the bouldering, climbing and zip lining companies. These and many more indoor and outdoor activities are available for almost all ages, depending on each company’s specifications.
At night, the clubs and bars open their doors to you and all of your friends, whether they be locals you met during your time there or people you are travelling with. The people in Bournemouth are very friendly and you will not have a hard time getting into conversation with them if you want to get to know the town’s locals. Dance together with old and new friends and have drinks whilst talking about your journey and stories about your experiences in the beautiful city of Bournemouth that you’ll never forget.