Costs of learning English- Which learning method is worthwhile?

Are you wondering how much it costs to learn English? The answer is actually quite simple, learning English basically costs nothing in the first place. All you need is Internet access and you can start learning English. But how promising is this approach really? And should you invest some money in an English course or a learning app? To help you answer this question, we have put together a cost comparison of different English learning methods and compared these methods according to their usefulness. We'll help you make the right decision and reach your English learning goal as quickly as possible. Let's go!  

Comparison of costs: Modes of learning English

There are many different ways to learn English. Whether it's in a language course, with online resources, on a language trip or rather through self-study. Below is an overview of the costs associated with each method of learning English.

Cost of learning English in an online English course

The cost of an online English course depends mainly on the type of course you choose. Depending on how much time you want to invest in your online English course, you have the option to choose a standard course or an intensive course. Private lessons are also possible. Take a look at the table and use it to compare the cost of different types of online English courses:

English course cost comparison by type of course

(according to our Frankfurt language school)
Private lessons Semi-private lessons Evening course
€380 for 10 lessons €440 for 10 lessons €270 for 12 weeks

Costs of an English language course on site

In addition to the online English course, which you can attend from your computer at home, you also have the option to go to a language school and attend an English course on site. In this case, there are also different price categories. Take a look at the following table and compare the costs of a group course and individual lessons.

Cost Comparison: English Language courses on Site by type of course

Private lessons Standard Course Intensive course Super-Intensive
€430 per week €220 per week €310 per week €470 per week

Each of these types of courses has its individual advantages. Ultimately, it depends on you how much you want to invest in your English course and what type of learner you are. For those who want to learn in pairs, semi-private lessons are worthwhile. It is significantly cheaper compared to pure private lessons.

In general, language courses are worth the cost. You study with a trained English teacher who has the experience to adapt to your learning style. He can determine your learning level and adjust his lessons based on that.

For more information about costs and prices of English courses at our language school, check out our Malta language school!

Costs of a language trip - Learn English on a vacation

A language study trip is the best way to learn English, but it is the most expensive. However, the investment in an English language trip is definitely worth it. You will make the most progress in the shortest time on a language study trip to an English-speaking country.

Take a look at the price comparison for language travel to different countries:

Language Trip Costs Comparison: By destination and program type

Destination 2 weeks, adults 2 weeks, students
Malta from €916 from €1240
England from €1168 from €1820
Canada from €752 from €2227
South Africa from €945 ---
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The above costs for learning English on a language study trip include flight, transfer, accommodation, English course as well as placement test and English certificate. In an English-speaking country you will be permanently surrounded by the English language, you will be able to use it in various everyday situations and thus improve your practical English skills faster than with any other English learning method.

An English course during a language study trip gives you additional support and makes your language stay even more effective. The only disadvantage of a language study trip is the high cost and the time you have to invest for the language study trip. However, you will get the best possible conditions to learn English quickly and effectively.

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Cost of English language learning apps?

In the English learning apps market, there are lots of providers with different English learning cost plans. English learning apps are a great way to get started with the English language. Due to their design and some built-in gamification of English learning, they are very motivating for English beginners at first.

However, English learning apps are usually limited in terms of long-term learning success, especially at a higher English level. For a higher language level, you need much more intensity in learning. Let's compare the difference between free and paid versions of typical English learning apps below.

Free English Language Learning Apps

However, advertising is regularly displayed for the free version. This is rather detrimental to learning success and distracts from learning. Thus, the benefit of the free versions of these English learning apps is rather low.

Paid English Language Learning Apps

Paid English learning apps are mostly paid for via subscription models. You can sign up for a monthly subscription for an average of €6.99 and up to €12. Some language learning apps also offer the option of subscribing for half a year or a whole year. With these subscriptions, you get a small discount and save money compared to the monthly subscription. Compared to the free version, the subscription does away with the distracting ads and gives you access to all the features of the English learning app.

Nevertheless, English learning apps remain relatively superficial in terms of the depth of the English explanations. The learning progress of the apps can also be slower than that of the learner in some cases. This leads to the learning progress being slowed down. English learning apps are therefore mainly suitable for English beginners at the A level or for on the side as a pastime while commuting. For more intensive English progress, you should look for other English learning methods.

Learn English for free: Your options

You can also learn English without any cost. There are countless resources and approaches that you can use to improve your English for free. Take a look at our past article on learning English with YouTube. There you will find some YouTube channels that are excellent for improving your English.

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Besides YouTube, you can also buy a one-time course book for very little money. These are available for every language level and cover all relevant topics of the English language. You can work through the English course book in self-study.

The problem is, however, that you completely miss out on explanations from language teachers. You may lose motivation because a section seems too difficult and you don't understand it without help. In this case, it is worth investing in a good English course with a professional teacher.

FAQs: Costs for learning English

The cost of one hour of English lessons depends on the type of course you choose. Depending on whether you need to be taught English in a group or one-on-one, prices will vary. It's best to take a look at our comparison table above and discover the prices for learning English per lesson.

A business English course costs the same as a regular English course. Please see the prices above. Only the focus of a Business English course is different. In the business course we focus on English in the office. We show you how to apply for a job in English, how to write English e-mails or how to give professional presentations in English.

Another part of your English business course is business English vocabulary. In business there is typical vocabulary that you should know. We will help you to understand it by using different learning methods.

Of course, you can also discuss with your English teacher on the first day of the course which topics you would like to focus on. They will adjust their curriculum according to your wishes and suggestions.

It is possible to learn English for free. However, you will not have the guidance of a language teacher. When learning English for free on your own, you may lack a good learning strategy and make slower progress.

For a good start, feel free to browse our Learn English Directory and begin learning English for free. In the long run, however, we recommend learning in an English course. The investment will pay off in the long run!

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As an adult, you can start learning English without any previous knowledge or as a returning student. We support you in the English course for adults in learning, give you a common thread against which you can measure your continuous learning progress and help you to build up good English skills in the long term.

You can also go on an English language trip for adults to work on your English without distractions. Did you know that such an English language vacation can also be recognized as educational leave? For more information, please check out our English Language Vacation Information.
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Bottom line: Which English learning method is actually worth the money?

There are so many ways to learn English that it's hard to know which one to choose. Should I download the much-promoted English learning app, invest in a language course, or maybe learn English on my own for free? So that you can decide, we have given you some help here.

Clearly, learning English in a language course is the price-performance winner. You can incorporate an English course into your everyday life and the costs are kept within reasonable limits. However, if you want to make progress quickly and in the shortest possible time, it is definitely worth investing in an English language trip.

Which learning method you finally decide on and how high the costs for learning English will be is up to you. We wish you success and above all a lot of fun while learning English!