How to start a career in Tourism Industry

Do you have a passion for travelling and exploring the world ? Are you straight out of high school and looking for a new venture in the world. Maybe a university and a course that will help you explore your passion and pursue education simultaneously. A professional career in tourism might be the right option for you. There are courses to pursue Bachelor’s or Master’s in Tourism, especially in Europe. If travelling is a passion for you, these courses offer an Erasmus semester which means an exchange year abroad. This experience can help shape the perspective of some people, help them connect with themselves, develop independence and is said to benefit mental health too.

About Tourism Industry

Tourism is a very stable industry, and it keeps on growing continuously. People will never stop travelling. As we experienced during the pandemic, travel regulations were altered just so that people keep travelling because no matter what happens people never stop travelling. That is why having a career in the tourism industry is a sign of a stable and safe future.

One can complete their Bachelor's in Tourism and start interning in DMO's which are Destination Management Offices. Every country has one, especially in their tourist destinations. Once one has a good hands-on experience in the field. It is recommended to start doing a Master's in Tourism for a better future and career prospect.

The theoretical experience helps in getting an ease when put into practice at work. You can also opt to do an MBA after getting good experience in the sector and this will improve your chance in Managerial positions.

There are various career options like:

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Tourism destination Manager

The job of a Tourism destination manager is to basically look after a tourism destination. As a manager, it is important to look after the day to day of the destination. Implementation of tasks is very important. As a manager, one should monitor and designate tasks to fellow and below associates. It is usually in collaboration with the government, so one must be very diplomatic and should master public relations.

Hotel Manager

A Hotel Manager is the most important task in the hospitality industry. A hotel manager should be a leader and is responsible for everything that undergoes in the hotel premises. One can become a hotel manager by rising from the ranks or after finishing their degree with a minimum experience in the field.

Events and functions Manager

An event manager should be the boldest individual ever. They are supposed to make any event happen successfully in any circumstance and should never give or make up an excuse. They should be well-connected in the events circle and have contacts so good that they can arrange anything within a short notice period.

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Tourism Marketing

In today's online world where people completely depend on technology. Be it booking hotels, making tour reservations, booking flight tickets, everything is basically done online now. To market it or to make it reach to the audience it is very important to do tourism Marketing and there are various positions open in today's world for marketing in tourism and hospitality related activities.

The career options in Toursim are almost endless

We have mentioned positions from the hospitality industry here because both Tourism and the Hospitality industry go hand in hand with each other. Sometimes, the courses offered by some universities cover both hospitality and tourism together. With good qualifications and experience one can maybe start a career in Airlines or cruise industries too. Overall, it is an adventurous and a fascinating experience.

What are you waiting for ? A career in Tourism awaits… Get on board!